Patch Notes 1/24/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.17, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-01-24, 12:00 Server Time




Dragon Crush Accessory Grind Event
The requirement to exchange Gada Coins has been removed from the event.

The event runs until January, 30th 12:00 Server Time.




Dungeon of Destiny Rework

The Dungeon of Destiny has been split into 4 parts. There is now a map change shortly after each mini boss (except for the 4th one which leads to the Boss Room like it always was). This should increase the FPS significantly.

With this rework the Perimeter-B map has also been reworked to make it look better.


Glacial Guardian Weapons available in the Item Mall

New weapons arrived in the Item Mall. Get yourself a Glacial Guardian Weapon by opening Glacial Guardian Weapon Boxes from the Item Mall for 80 IM Points each. These weapons have a blu-ish icey slightly transparent look.

They come with the following stats:
- Physical/Magic Damage as an equip option

- Movement Speed +10%
- Attack Speed +10%
- Max HP +5%
- flat Physical/Magic Attack +500

Level requirement for these weapons is Lv. 20.



General Fixes and Changes

- the President Husky accessory parts (Nose and Necklace) do not require to exchange Gada Coins anymore. Instead the needed Silver Coins have been increased from 25 to 50.