Patch Notes 1/30/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.20, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-01-30, 12:00 Server Time




Dragon Crush Accessory Grind Event
The grind is real, Dragon Saga Friends! Go and get Silver Coins, Gada Coins and Red Horned Dragon Skulls to exchange them for Dragon Crush Accessory parts at the Vending Machine.
Every part needs 100 Silver Coins and 50 Red Horned Dragon Skulls! Enjoy the grinding and good luck!

The event has been extended until February, 6th 12:00 Server Time.


Groundhog Day Mini Event

On February, 2nd is Groundhog Day. This is a great opportunity to have a Groundhog Day Mini Event. Continue killing monsters and get more Red Horned Dragon Skulls and grab yourself a Groundhog Balloon and a Groundhog Hat (50 Silver Coins and 20 Red Horned Dragon Skulls each).

This event runs until February, 6th 12:00 Server Time.



Dungeon of Destiny

Within the Dungeon of Destiny the cooldown of Diffusion CannonDouble Shot and Helix Shot have been removed to workaround the issue with the disappearing buff effect some players experience after a map change within the Dungeon. This workaround will be removed as soon as we addressed the issue causing this behavior. Since we are not able to reproduce the issue easily we decided to implement this workaround for the time being.

Port of the Winds Moods

Depending on your PCs time you will now see Port of the Winds in different moods: Dusk, Night, Dawn, Daylight of the particular season (Winter or Summer).
Please know that due to technical limitations the mood is only able to change after a map change.

The particular mood can be seen during the following times*:

Winter: Dawn 7:00-9:59, Daylight 10:00-16:59, Dusk 17:00-19:59, Night 20:00-6:59
Summer: Dawn 5:00-7:59, Daylight 8:00-19:59, Dusk 20:00-22:59, Night 23:00-4:59

* all times are local times (the current time of the PC the game is running on), while the season is server controlled. During Halloween and Christmas theme no mood changes happen


Perimeter-B Mission Maps

The Perimeter-B mission maps have been polished up a bit to make them look better.

General Fixes and Changes

- Map changing times have been significantly reduced – this is especially noticeable when changing from Arcadia City to a different map. This fix is experimental. If you now experience an increased amount of client crashes during map changes please let us know through the usual channels (Forum, Ticket, Unofficial Dragon Saga Discord).

- the balloons in the Vending Machine have been replaced. The new balloons you can obtain for 10 Silver Coins each (as usual) are: Doll Balloon and the Groundhog in a wheel balloon.






Ice Candy Outfit (female)
Spy Tuxedo Outfit (male)
Sky Blue Kid Uniform
Winter Fashion Outfit (male)
Winter Fashion Outfit (female)




Pirate Captain Costume [Advanced Tab]

Royal Guard's Uniform [Advanced Tab]

Chich Attendant (Red) Uniform [Special Tab]

Assassin Cross Set [Special Tab]

Fallen Angel Set [Deluxe Tab]

Artemis Set [Deluxe Tab]

Modern Ninja Outfit [Deluxe Tab]