Patch Notes1/16/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.16, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2019-1-16, 12:00 Server Time


Dragon Crush Accessory Grind Event
The grind is real, Dragon Saga Friends! Go and get Silver Coins, Gada Coins and Red Horned Dragon Skulls to exchange them for Dragon Crush Accessory parts at the Vending Machine.
Every part needs 100 Silver Coins, 100 Gada Coins and 50 Red Horned Dragon Skulls! Enjoy the grinding and good luck!

The event runs until January, 30th 12:00 Server Time.


Battlesquare Updates

The Chaos' Hideout map has been reworked and the 3d movement has been disabled.



General Fixes and Changes

- fixed a bug that teleporting with some mounts took the player to the lower level no matter which teleport target has been selected.



Falcon Mount available in the Item Mall

Based on a community wish we have made a bird mount without Phoenix effects. The result is a Falcon Mount which be can be dyed into 6 different colors using a Pet Dye Potion or [Event] Pet Dye Potion. The mount is available at the Event Tab and can be purchased for 240 IM Points.
It comes with the same skills of the Phoenix mount but with the sames stats Knorxos comes with. That exactly means a Falcon can get the following stats:

2. Movement Speed, Phys Def, Attack Speed, HP Recovery, Critical Damage
3. Max HP, Magic Def, Critical Rate, MP Recovery

This means you are able to obtain a base stat, Critical Damage and Critical Rate at the same time with the usual highest mount stats available.







Romantic Goth Costume (female)
Punk Look Outfit (male)
Winter Peak Outfit (female)
Blue Pick-Up Outfit (male)
Shiny Funk Look Outfit




Chic Attendant Uniform (White) [Advanced Tab]

Dark Japanese Formal Outfit [Advanced Tab]

Semi-Formal Night Outfit [Special Tab]

Magical Girl/Boy Costume [Special Tab]

Fantasy Fox Set [Deluxe Tab]

Hephaistos Set [Deluxe Tab]

Cute Blue Messenger Set Humans only! [Deluxe Tab]