Patch Notes 1/2/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.11, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2019-1-2, 12:00 Server Time


Happy New Year Dragon Saga Friends!

We are starting the Year 2019 with a BOOM!

The Dragon Saga Team is proud to announce that from today, January 2nd 2019, 12:00 Server Time all IM Item prices in the Cash Shop are permanently reduced by around 20%.



Battlesquare Updates

New Maps Chaos' Hideout and Abandoned Oasis
Two new BSQ maps have been added, Chaos' Hideout which is a Dark themed map and Abandoned Oasis which is a Nature themed map. Additionally the Fire and Water maps have been renamed to Dragonfire Bay and Hall of Purity.




Because of the additional maps and to not split the players on too many maps running at the same time we have reorganized the Battlesquare Schedule. Different maps are running on different days of the week while all 4 maps can be accessed on Sunday at different times.

You can check the new schedule below:




Two new PvP Maps for the PvP Death Match/Elimination Mode


Devil's Path and Foggy Harbor have been added. Additionally the PvP Ranking Mode is now open 24 hours.





UI Enhancements

Market Search

With the new year we have worked on the Market UI. Wrong or misleading labels like Medals have been renamed to what they are intended to be.

The search for specific item categories in the Equipment search option are now actually searching only items which are put into the equipment inventory (regular gear) and no longer IM items as well. Because of this change we have added similar sub-categories to the IM Items (former Points) search option.

The sub-categories can now be de-activated by clicking on them again or by clicking on the head category. For example: When Equipment->Top is selected and you want to search all equipment again, you can either click on Top or on Equipment to remove the sub-category filter. All other settings (job, level, etc.) stay as their are.



The new search option Mounts/Pets has been added which include the sub-categories Mounts/Pets and Mount/Pet Eggs to search for mounts only respectively eggs only.



The button Default has been rename to Reset, because all search options are reset when you click on it.



The category button All Categories has been added to reset only the category filter when clicking on it.



Additionally the new Market UI is now highlighting the lowest priced item of each item type available in search results. This feature only works for stackable items.




Right-Click Menu on Player Names in Chat

When you are right clicking a player name in the chat (for example trade chat) the appearing menu has a new option: Open Player's Shop. By clicking on that option the players shop is automatically opened and shown when your character is standing in a city or Black Claw Nest Outpost.



New Year 2019 World Drop Event

These lazy monsters are not willing to clean anything up. When killing monsters they're dropping their used fireworks. Collect it and help to keep the World of Dragon Saga clean. You can exchange the used fireworks at the Vending Machine for the following items:

Galaxia Support Box

Taurus Star Stone
Cancer Star Stone
Virgo Star Stone
Scorpio Star Stone
Hydra Star Stone
Star Sign Admission Ticket (Rare)
Galaxy Coin (Rare)
Star Fragment (Rare)
Serpent's Force (Rare)


New Year 2019 Costume Box #1
Blue Wreath
Orange Wreath
Purple Wreath
Rubber Glove Hat Thumbs Up!
Rubber Glove Hat Hi!
Cake Balloon
Party Hat
[Event] Ultimate Hero Helmet
[Event] Ultimate Hero Bottom
[Event] Ultimate Hero Gloves
[Event] Ultimate Hero Wings
White Lord Shoulder
White Lord Bottom
White Lord Shoes


New Year 2019 Costume Box #2
Wreath of Light
Red Wreath
Gold Wreath
Green Wreath
Rubber Glove Hat Yay!
Birthday Balloon Dragon Saga
Cake Hat
[Event] Ultimate Hero Top
[Event] Ultimate Hero Shoulders
[Event] Ultimate Hero Shoes
White Lord Helmet
White Lord Top
White Lord Gloves


Event MyHome Furniture
Woodworking Lathe
Gem Maker
Mini Mini Garden
Lucky Pig Statue
Pororing Statue


This event runs until January, 16th 2019 12:00 Server Time.


General Fixes and Changes

- Cookie Ingredients can now be stacked up to 999
- Leftover Christmas Boxes can be sold for 1 silver to the Shop NPCs.

- several Text fixes




Pompom Cloak (Pink)
Pompom Cloak (Blue)
Professional Skier Outfit
[Best] Tiger-Patterned Hoodie (male)
[Best] Tiger-Patterned Hoodie (female)
Ultimate Hero Set



Chic Attendant Uniform (Black) [Advanced Tab]

White Marine (Pink) Set (female) [Advanced Tab]

[Best] Devil's Set (male) [Special Tab]

[Best] Devil's Set (female) [Special Tab]

Japanese Suit [Special Tab]

Angel's Set of Health [Deluxe Tab]

Hades Set [Deluxe Tab]

[Best] Ultimate Hero Set [Deluxe Tab]