Patch Notes 12/19/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.10, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-12-19, 12:00 Server Time


Battlesquare Updates

Reworked "Fire Map"
On community wish our mapmaker has reworked the "Fire Map" and removed the big platform in the middle and tried to improve the FPS of this map.
Look at the minimap below:

Rejoin Feature
Players who have been disconnected from the game during the battlesquare fight are now able to rejoin in the team they were fighting in. Please be aware of the following:


- rejoin is only possible for players who were in the battlesquare after the preparation time has ended and the fight started. Rejoining if the character left the battlesqure during the preparation time is not possible to prevent the abuse of reserving a spot.

- after a player got disconnected or left the battlesquare on purpose for a reason they need to rejoin within 10 minutes. When this time has passed rejoining is not longer possible.

- rejoining is not possible during the last 3 minutes of the fight to prevent another abuse.




Elf on the Shelf Costume [Deluxe Tab] has been added.


Our artists have created new models for the hat and shoes for this costume. It comes with a skill (which can be found in the item skill tab of the skill window) called Jingle Bells. This skill increases the Physical and Magical Attack by 7% for 5 minutes for the whole party. Cooldown 7 minutes.


The set comes with the following stats:

Set Stats
1 Piece: INT +40, STR +40
2 Pieces: HLT +40, AGI +40
3 Pieces: Attack Speed +30%
4 Pieces: Movement Speed +30%
5 Pieces: Critical Damage +40%
6 Pieces: Final Critical Success Rate +10%, Item Skill: Jingle Bells

Part Stats
Hat: Atttack Speed +10%, Movement Speed +10%
Top: Max HP +17%
Bottom: Max MP +17%
Gloves: Soulcraft Success Rate +2%
Shoes: Enchant Success Rate +2%
Ears (Face): Final Critical Success Rate +1%



We wish everyone Happy Holidays!