Patch Notes 1/3/2019


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.12, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2019-1-3, 14:00 Server Time
Happy New Year Dragon Saga Friends!
We are starting the Year 2019 with a BOOM!
The Dragon Saga Team is proud to announce that from today, January 2nd 2019, 12:00 Server Time all IM Item prices in the Cash Shop are permanently reduced by around 20%.

UI Enhancements

Market Search
We are proud to announce that we have added more features to the market search.
The class search has been improved and can now be used to only show the search results of the particular Job Path you want. For example if you select Monk you only get results for Magician, Monk, Priest, Invoker.

A maximum price can be set which is used to filter the search results. Only the items which are equal or below your set maximum price are shown.


The Best Price bug has been fixed. Now all pages of your results are taken into account to find the best price. The color has been adjusted too and is now a bit more eye-friendly.
Right-Click Menu on Player Names in Chat – more options
When you are right clicking a player name in the chat (for example trade chat) the appearing menu has a 2 new options: Send Mail and Send Large Mail. By clicking on it the mail window is automatically opened and the name you clicked on is automatically set in the receiver field.

General Fixes and Changes

- wrong BSQ starting times have been fixed
- the visual artifacts (hall of mirror) of the PvP Map Devil's Path have been fixed
- several text corrections
- the minimum prices when IM consumables are COD-mailed/sold in open-market have been adjusted based on 1:5 rates
- the chance of getting "good" items in the Galaxy Support Box has been increased and the needed exchange items have been reduced from 15 to 10
- the Santa NPC is back for another week to give you the chance to trade the leftover Burned Cookies