Halloween Hijink!

Halloween is nigh, and we are having all kinds of spooky fun!

Code Giveaway:
Listen up every hour for server annoucements giving away codes for free Halloween Gasha boxes and your chance at last year's Halloween Mounts!

Zombie Attacks!
Rumors are going around that monsters are going to be invading Port Of Winds. A call to arms will go out, so make sure to listen out!

Starting at 3pm PDT (-7hr GMT), monsters will begin appearing in Port of Winds, in an effort to clear out the town as soon as possible GMs are offering a reward of 1 hour of 2x EXP if monsters are cleared within the timelimit. So make sure to be there and help clear them ASAP!

Spawns will continute throughout the day!

Halloween Sale tab is now open! (10/31-11/01[9pm])

Halloween Gasha Box
80% EXP Package
Costume SoulBound Remover
Armor and Weapon Dust
Character Slot Expansion+Bonus!
Hastur's Soul Collection Box