Liger and Tiger Riding Pet Raffle Part 2!

So as many of you have noticed, the Liger/Tiger riding pets have not hit the Item Mall just yet. However we're giving you guys another chance to win a Liger/Tiger pet by just making a purchase from the Item Mall! This week make a purchase, from item and you're entered to win one of these awesome beasts!

How to Participate:
Make a purchase from the Item Mall
Each purchase counts as 1 entry into that day's raffle.
Daily 1 user will be selected to win a Liger Riding Pet and 1 user will be selected win a 1 Tiger Riding Pet .

All winners will be announced after maintenance Tuesday.

And the winners of the Raffle are!

Check your ingame mail for your new mount!

Begins: 11/07/2012
Ends: 11/13/2012