Liger and Tiger Riding Pet Raffle!

This week we'll be raffling off 1 Liger Riding Pet and 1 Tiger Riding Pet per day, just for use a W-Coin! These w-coins need not be purchased during the event, just use it during the event period qualifies you for an entry into the raffle, no matter how you obtained it!

How to Participate:
Use a W-Coin from the Item Mall
Each w-coin counts as 1 entry into that day's raffle.
Daily 1 user will be selected to win a Liger Riding Pet and 1 user will be selected win a 1 Tiger Riding Pet .

Winners for Fri-Sun will be announced Monday, all subsequent winners will be announced after maintenance Tuesday.

Begins: 10/24/2012
Ends: 10/30/2012