Halloween Racing Event

Halloween is nigh! And Dragon Saga is getting all decked out for the occasion. Towns have all decorated their streets and buildings with pumpkins and skeletons. Special cut outs are spread around Port of Winds, so you and your friends can play dress up and take awesome screenshots!

Visit NPC Steven Jr will be in Port of Winds registering players for an extra special Halloween themed Breeze Run racing map! Winning these races will unlock Halloween themed prizes you can only obtain there! (Tickets to participate in the races will be sold by NPC Daisy, in Port of Winds) Don't forget, if you collect Halloween Champion’s League tickets you can participate in the Champions league races for even better prizes! Halloween Event NPC Randy will be hanging out in Port of Winds waiting for players to turn in Ghost Runner coupons for Halloween Costumes and other items.

Halloween Themed Racing Map
- Obtain Racing Event ticket from Daisy
- Go to NPC Steven Jr. in Port of Winds to register for the event
- Receive event rewards
- Higher finish rank = Better rewards

- Trade in ‘Ghost Runner’ items to Halloween Event NPC Randy to obtain exclusive Halloween Costume and other items.

Racing Times! (All times are PDT [-8HOURS GMT] Halloween Costumes

In addition to the racing fun, the Mixboard and BigWheel will be updated with some 6 all new Halloween costumes as well as some old Halloween favorites ! We’ll also be selling 2 all new riding mounts the Liger and the Tiger Mount!

Begins: 10/23/2012 Maintenance
Ends: 11/06/2012 Maintenance