Patch Notes 06/13/2024 - Summer Heat is Here!


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.36, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-06-13, 11:00 Server Time

I Like! Event
This Event has ended.
You can still exchange the event items until June 20, 11:00 Server Time. All event items which are still in the inventories are removed by the maintenance on June 20. So please exchange your leftover event items on time.


Summer is here and the temperature is rising. What could be better than going to the beach, jumping into the cool water and enjoying the summer sun, looking at all the palm trees while having a cool Pineapple Drink and listening to some Reggae Music? The full Jamaica feeling hits Port of the Winds – the whole day – and from dusk til dawn. But the summer in Dragon Saga is more than just being lazy! Fight monsters and get some nice event stuff! Take your gear and help the small baby dragon Yongha out with his problem at the Summer Wave Coast. A lot of nice stuff is awaiting you.

When entering Summer Wave Coast an instanced map with end reward boxes is ready for you. The map can be entered starting with Level 25. The levels of the monsters are auto scaling to the level of the party leader. The map can only be entered if the level difference of all party members is not higher than 5 levels.

Some of the monsters are dropping an item which can be traded with the Baby Dragon NPC Yongha for one of four boxes containing random stuff:

  • Cool Summer Costume Box
    contains 2 different event costumes which are fully tradable, but soulbound once equipped
  • Cool Summer Rummage Box
    contains a lot of summer accessory stuff including some highlights (Paris Wing Mood Box, Wings of Darkness, Lightness and Sunrise).
    Additionally the box can contain a Melony Balloon which increases Enchant and Soulcraft Success Chance by 4%
  • Melony Pet Egg
    This pet can be upgraded at NPC Amy to a High-Stat Support Pet by using the Event Pet Upgrader Item from the Item Mall
  • Tropical Weapon Box
    contains an event IM weapon (Lv.20) for a random class with some stats

As reward for completing the map after killing the boss you can get the following:

Level 25~39:

    Cool Summer Costume  Box 
    EXP Double-Up Potion  (10 mins.)
    Money Bag 
    The Item which can be  traded for the boxes
    Armor Enchant Dust  Gift Box (4 ea.)
    Weapon Echant Dust  Gift Box (2 ea.)
    Soul Gift Box (14 ea.) 

Level 40~69:
Everything of the above plus

    [Event] Soul Craft Randomizer
    [Event] Pet Option Randomizer
    [Event] Jack's Potion
    [Event] Enchant Insurance Scroll
    [Event] Good Shop License
    [Event] HP Eternity Potion (Small)
    [Event] MP Eternity Potion (Small)
    Big IM Consumables Gasha Box

Level 70~85:
Everything of the above and the chance to get the IM stuff is slightly increased

The Summer Event is available until July 11, 11:00 Server Time.

Summer EXP Event
Until July 11, 11:00 Server Time Sunflowers are falling from the sky and give an EXP bonus.

Additionally during the whole Summer Event there will be an EXP Bonus of 1.5x on Mondays to Thursdays and a Bonus of 2.5x on Fridays to Sundays.

Big Summer Sale
Until June 27, 11:00 Server Time the following items are 50% off:

    Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 32 IM 
    Advanced Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 42 IM 
    Reinforced Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 40 IM 
    Advanced Reinforce Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 50 IM 
    Soulcraft Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 120 IM 
    Advanced Soulcraft Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 160 IM
    Soulcraft Extarctor (10 pcs.) – 160 IM 
    Card Insurance Scroll (5 pcs.) – 80 IM 
    Prime Pixel Insurance Scroll (5 pcs.) – 75 IM
    Purifier Can (4 pcs.) – 80 IM 
    Essence Purifier (5 pcs.) – 250 IM

Premium Shop License (10 pcs.) – 120 IM Account Vault Extension – 120 IM Costume Inventory Expansion – 250 IM Guild Vault Expansion – 200 IM Permanent Vault Expansion – 120 IM Equipment Inventory Expansion – 80 IM Consumables Inventory Expansion – 80 IM Miscellaneous Inventory Expansion – 80 IM IM Inventory Expansion – 60 IM Socket Card Extractor (10 pcs.) – 340 IM Zodiac Admission Ticket (10 pcs.) – 120 IM Costume Soulbound Remover (3 pcs.) – 160 IM Ring Coin (10 pcs.) – 150 IM W-Coin (10 pcs.) – 400 IM Mount Food [30 days] (2 pcs.) – 120 IM

Pet Option Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 160 IM Advanced Pet Option Randomizer (10 pcs.) – 210 IM Pet Name Changer – 120 IM Pet Dye Potion – 100 IM Costume Weapon Aura Mutator – 200 IM Costume Mutator (6 pcs.) – 500 IM Mutation Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 50 IM Advanced Mutation Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 75 IM Reinforced Mutation Insurance Scroll (10 pcs.) – 100 IM

Item Mall
Featured Items (until June 27, 11:00 Server Time)

    Yellow Cat Car Mount – 240 IM
    Wild Green Car Mount – 240 IM
    Mini Red Car Mount – 240 IM
    Blue Thunder Car Mount – 240 IM
    Water Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
    Fire Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
    Nature Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
    Dark Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
    Gaia Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
    Glacial Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
    Colorful Glasses Box – 80 IM
    Bee Wings Box – 80 IM
    Summer Wings Box – 80 IM
    Parrot Balloon Box – 80 IM

    Gray Beach Fun  Outfit    
    Orange Beach Fun Outfit
    Pink Bikini (female)
    White Bikini (female)
    Hot Summer Outfit
    Summer Fun Outfit
    Sassy Surfer Outfit
    Ice Candy Outfit (female)
    Ice Flower Outfit (male)
    Grape Sparkling Outfit (female)
    Tropical Blue Outfit (male)


    Green Ruffle Layered Bikini (female) [Special]
    Tropical Green Outfit (male) [Special]
    Tropical Caramel Outfit (female) [Special]
    Pilgrim Outfit [Artifact]
    Lunar Set [Artifact]
    Lucifer's Set of Artfulness [Artifact]