Patch Notes 03/07/24 - Nostalgia Grind Event


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.16, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-03-07, 11:00 Server Time

Valentine's Day Event 2024
The event has ended.Event items can still be exchanged at NPC Gordon for another week.

Nostalgia Grind Event
Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary are dropping Orange Coins.You can collect them and trade them at the Vending Machine for:

Nostalgia Box
Heirloom Vegas Stuffed Hat
Heirloom Kunkah's Wooden Shield
Heirloom Captain Hookah's Hat
Heirloom Alvida's Picnic Hat
Heirloom Rokko's Horned Helmet
Heirloom Elluman's Crown
Heirloom Karkharous Gloves
Heirloom Burlune's Mask
Heirloom Vella's Wings
Heirloom Bubobubo's Fancy Shoulderguard
Heirloom Paul Burnaun's Ring
Heirloom Pythanous ' Earrings
Heirloom Arka's Necklace
Heirloom Antares' Necklace

Nostalgia Weapon Gasha Box
Heirloom Hookah's Double Rifle
Heirloom Alvida's Specialist Rifle
Heirloom Lightning Sabre
Heirloom Ahtoo's Claw
Heirloom Karkharous Two Handed Sword
Heirloom Arka's Harmony Staff
Heirloom Vella's Trident

The event runs until March 21, 11:00 Server Time.

Change: Jack's Beans
The Item Mall Jack's Beanand Jack's Baked BeanPackages have been removed from the Item Mall and are not intended to come back again anymore. Instead these Items have been replaced by

Jack's Potion
This potion gives 2.0x EXP for 25 Minutes to the person using it. It does not affect other players.

Jack's Fermented Potion

This potion gives 3.0x EXP for 30 Minutes to the person using it. It does not affect other players.

Both potions can be used on top of normal EXP potions. Please ensure to use the normal potion before any of Jack's Potion. Normal potions and the old Jack's Bean can't be consumed while a Jack's Potion/Jack's Fermented Potion is running. The stacking behavior of Jack's Potions are the same as it was for Jack's Beans.

Players still having Jack's Bean in their inventories can use them up. They are not removed from the inventories.

All Jack's Beans in boxes/in-game systems have been replaced by Jack's Potion.

An [Event] Jack's Potion can be obtained for ExCo at NPC Lucius.

Change: BigWheel Costumes, IM Weapons and IM Cosmetics
Due to a bug BigWheels Costume Parts were still sellable even though they were already sold once. This has been fixed. Additionally Item Mall Weapons and Item Mall Cosmetics (Backs, Face Items and Balloons) are now One-Time Sellable and Soulbound on equip.

Item Mall
Special (until March 14, 11:00 Server Time)
EnSo Fortune Costume Item Box – 100 IM

Featured Items (until March 21, 11:00 Server Time)
Water Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
Fire Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
Nature Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
Dark Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
Gaia Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
Glacial Guardian Weapon Box – 80 IM
Bee Wing Box – 80 IM
Beautiful Rose Box – 80 IM
Kalygon's Parrot Balloon Box – 80 IM

Milky Way Raincoat

Pink Tiger-Patterned Hoodie

Glitter Outfit (female)

Drummer Popstar Outfit (male)

Red Zorro Costume

Dark Japanese Formal Outfit

Vegabond Costume

Poseidon Set (Advanced)

Fire Guardian Set [Special]

Nature Guardian Set [Special]

Dark Guardian Set [Special]

Water Guardian Set [Special]

Dressy Devil Outfit [Artifact]

Spiritual Shaman Set [Artifact]

Low Rider Set [Artifact]

Costumes for Dragokin classes are no longer available in the BigWheel and MixBoard.