Patch Notes 02/29/24 - BigWheel Changes


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.15, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-02-29, 11:00 Server Time

Valentine's Day Event 2024
The event runs until March 7, 11:00 Server Time.

BigWheel System Change
When spinning the BigWheel you have now the chance to get one item out of all available BigWheel items and not just only 10 out of all available ones. Ending up with a wheel having two or more identicals items will no longer happen. The "Reshuffle Wheel" button has been removed since it's not needed anymore. Also the W-Coin is now consumed when you start spinning not right after opening the BigWheel to give you the possibility to close the BigWheel if you mistakenly pressed on start.

The spinning arrow now always stops at the top and has only been left in for visual entertainment.

Additionally we added an indicator showing you what the chance of getting a specific item is.

Change: BigWheel Costumes
Item Mall Costumes having Costume Grade Normaland Advancedare now one-time sellable items. They can only be sold through the open market. They can be transferred to another character on the same account through the Account Vault even if they have been sold once and are no longer sellable.

Important Information about Fixed Price Items
Due to recent happenings players bypassing or trying to bypass the fixed price for fixed price items by offering them for a lower price by refunding the gold difference or for a higher price by letting players send them the extra gold separately will be permantently banned . This has been decided to protect our players from being scammed by others and prevent players from scamming other players.

General Fixes and Changes
- Fix:A bug has been fixed that prevented showing the Chance Percentage for some Item Mall Gasha boxes.

Item Mall
Special (until March 14, 11:00 Server Time)
EnSo Fortune Costume Item Box – 100 IM

This box randomly yields one of the 6 parts of the EnSo Costume. The parts are one-time sellable .

The EnSo Fortune Costume consists of 6 parts.
The Helmet, Bottom and Gloves give +2.0% Enchant Succcess Chance Bonus.
The Top, Shoulders and Shoes give +2.0% Soulcraft Success Chance Bonus.
Wearing all 6 parts of this set grants you an additional set effect bonus of +4.0% Enchant and Soulcraft Success Chance Bonus which gives you a total Success Chance Bonus of +10.0% for Enchanting and Soulcrafting. This set has no further stats.

This Box returns to the Item Mall randomly and cannot be requested .