Patch Notes 02/01/2024 Groundhog Day Event!


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.11, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-02-01, 11:00 Server Time

Grab-A-Weapon Event
This Event continue until Feburary 8, 11:00 Server Time

Groundhog Day Mini Event

Before the Valentine's Event is starting next week we celebrate the Groundhog day. Is spring already around the corner or will the winter stay a bit longer?

Kill monsters at the usual locations to get Red Horned Dragon Skulls and grab yourself a Groundhog Balloon and a Groundhog Hat (50 Silver Coins and 20 Red Horned Dragon Skulls each).
This event runs until February 8, 11:00 Server Time.

New Ultimate Elemental Belts

The Ultimate Elemental Belt of Wisdom and the Ultimate Elemental Belt of Perseverance have finally arrived. They can be exchanged at NPC Edward who can be found at Dragon Valley and Edge of the World for the particular Elemental Concordia Belt, 50x Every Element Bless, 40x Chaos Energy Dust, 20x Weapon Enchant Dust Cube and 20x Purification Stone. These belts are for Level 84 characters and have the following stats:

Physical Defense 100
Magic Defense 100

INT (Wisdom) / STR (Perseverance) +40
MATK (Wisdom) / PATK (Perseverance) +600
Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Attack +3
Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Element Defense +2

The belts are fully restricted.

Change: Entering Expert Mode Dungeons/DoD

It is no longer possible to enter an Expert Mode Dungeon and Dungeon of Destiny when a player has items equipped which have a penalty. The following items are taken into account:

- Head Item
- Top Item
- Bottom Item
- Gloves
- Shoes
- Weapon

Item Mall

New EXP Items have arrived!
Jack's Baked Bean
Jack's Baked Bean gives all players on the same map an 3.0x EXP Bonus for 15 minutes.
The item can be bought as a package of 10 at the Item Mall for 500 IM Points.
The item cannot be sold or traded!

3.0x EXP Potion
This potion gives the individual player a 3.0x EXP Bonus for 2 hours.
The item can be bought as a package of 5 at the Item Mall for 350 IM Points.
This item is one-time sellable by COD (Lv. 50+) and at the Open Market (Lv. 50+).

Currently these Items can be found at the Featured Items Tab but they have been added to stay available at the Item Mall.