Patch Notes 01/26/2024 - Fixed Price Items


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.9, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-01-26, 11:00 Server Time

Grab-A-Weapon Event
This Event continue until Feburary 8, 11:00 Server Time

Change: Fixed Price Items
To protect our in-game economy, fight rampant reselling and to stop RMT gold selling from many of these resellers we decided to set some in-game consumables to a fixed sell price.

Differently from other items these items have some specific properties regarding what you can and cannot do with them.

- be put into the Guild Vault
- be sold at the Open Market for a fixed price per unit
- be sent as COD mail attachment for a fixed price per unit
- be put into the Account Vault even though it has expired (the same way as Gold Pouches)

- be traded through Player-To-Player (Face-To-Face) trade
- be send through non-COD mail attachment

The tooltip of the particular item has been extended by some additional information which indicates the new restrictions for these items called Player-To-Player Trade and Non-COD Mail Attachment and additionally it shows the following text:

This item has a fixed sell price of <fixed price of the item>.
It can be placed in the Account Vault regardless of whether it has expired or not.

The text is written in a blue-ish text color.

The following items have been set to a fixed price:

Soul 3 silver/unit
Armor Enchant Dust 5 silver/unit
Weapon Enchant Dust 6 silver/unit

Purification Stone 30 gold/unit
Armor Enchant Dust Cube 50 gold/unit
Weapon Enchant Dust Cube 60 gold/unit

Powdered Sugar 1 gold/unit
Chocolate Piece 1 gold/unit
Stick 1 gold/unit
Milk 1 gold/unit
Almond Piece 1 gold/unit
Marshmallow 1 gold/unit
Flour 1 gold/unit
Butter 1 gold/unit
Lollipop Recipe 50 silver/unit
Chocolate Recipe 50 silver/unit
Chocolate Pie Recipe 50 silver/unit
Biscuit 50 silver/unit

Valentine Event Recipe Box 50 silver/unit
Sweets Recipe Gasha Box 50 silver/unit

To match the Purification Stone and Dust Cube prices with their particular single item prices we have increased their stack sizes from 999 to 1000. This mean that Souls and Dusts can be stacked to 1000 now and exchanging them at the Soulsmith NPC for a Purification Stone/Dust Cube will need a stack of 1000 source items. When converting back to the single items they will give you a stack of 1000 items back.

General Fixes and Changes
- Fix:A bug has been fixed where the Woodie Support Pets (all kinds) needed Pet MP to use the Poison Cloud Skill when the Poison Cloud Skill is Level 3
- Fix:A bug has been fixed where it was no longer possible to send specific One-Time Sellable items using a COD-Mail attachment
- Change:The Level 60 PvE-Dungeon-Way Jobchange Quest (NPC Orha) have been changed the way that it is now needed that the one having the quest running needs to deal at least 7% of damage of the one who dealt the most damage to the boss to get the quest completed.
- Change:The only partially implemented MyHome auction system has been removed due to it causing internal issues with the game servers. It cannot longer be accessed from the Real Estate NPC. People who are currently owning an auctioned MyHome will keep it, the current auctions will be finished but no new bids can be set.

Item Mall

Featured Items (until February 8, 11:00 Server Time)
Legerity Weapon Box – 80 IM

Rounded Horns Box – 80 IM

School Backpack Box – 80 IM

Farrell's Dragon Balloon Box – 80 IM

Mount Surprise Box #1 – 200 IM

Sprayer Apprentice Outfit

Winter Peak Outfit (female)

Red Dance Casual Outfit (male)

Apple Green Casual Outfit (female)

Luxurious Winter Relief (male)

Blue Pretty Girl Outfit (female)

Ash Mist Highschool Uniform (male)

Ash Mist Highschool Uniform (female)


Junior Sprayer Outfit [Special]

[Best] Devil''s Set (male) [Special]

[Best] Devil''s Set (female) [Special]

Luminant Bat of the Cloud Costume [Special]

Senior Sprayer Outfit [Artifact]

Accurate Marksman Set [Artifact]

Mighty Warrior Set [Artifact]

Costumes for Dragokin classes are no longer available in the BigWheel and MixBoard.