Patch Notes10/26/2022 Halloween!


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.17, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2022-10-26, 11:00 Server Time

Happy 12th Anniversary Dragon Saga!

This Event has ended. Event items can still be exchanged at the cake. Our little guest has already left Ports of the Winds.

Halloween Event 2022

This event continues until November 9, 11:00 Server Time.

Mini Halloween Item Mall Sale

Several items are now on sale until November, 1st 23:59. Grab them while you can. For some the total amount is limited!

Price List:
The following items are also limited to a specific amount per Account:

Insurance Scroll (10) 45 IM(max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
Advanced Insurance Scroll (10) 60 IM(max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
Reinf. Insurance Scroll (10) 55 IM(max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
Adv. Reinf. Insurance Scroll (10) 70 IM(max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
Soul Craft Randomizer (10) 170 IMmax. 40 pkgs. per acct.)
Adv. Soul Craft Randomizer (10)220 IM(max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
Soul Craft Extractor (10) 220 IM(max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)
Card Insurance Scroll (5)110 IM(max. 40 pkgs. per acct.)
Premium Shop License (10)170 IM(max. 10 pkgs. per acct.)
Socket Card Extractor (10)480 IM(max. 10 pkgs. per acct.)
Ring Coin (10)210 IM(max. 30 pkgs. per acct.)
Jack's Bean Package200 IM(max. 10 pkgs. per acct.)
Pet Option Randomizer220 IM(max. 30 pkgs. per acct.)
Adv. Pet Option Randomizer300 IM(max. 40 pkgs. per acct.)
W-Coin600 IM(max. 40 pkgs. per acct.)

The items above are on sale until November, 1st 23:59 Server Time

1st Time Point Conversion Bonus Event

15% Bonus Points on Conversion

During the event period, converting your WarpPortal Energy to Item Mall Points for the 1st time gives you a 15% extra bonus on top!

General Fixes and Changes

- QoL Update: Experimental The channel selection is now showing the latency (ping) to the servers. This feature is experimental. The look of the channel UI has not been changed yet. The feature could be removed anytime in case of it causing issues.
- Halloween Event: The Punkenstein Costume has been added to NPC Randy
- Change: The following items can not longer be mailed and are restricted to be sold at the market only with characters level 50+: Neve's Magic Essence, Concentrated Serpents Force, Star Fragment, all zodiac Star Stone, all zodiac Fragments, Constellation Ring, all parts of the Ice Dragon Set, all essences dropped by the boss monsters of Dungeon of Destiny

Item Mall

Aztec Weapon Box
Colorful Eye Patch Box
Farrell’s Dragon Balloon Box
Titan Wing Box

Baby Bonedragon Support Pet (240 IM) **NEW**
Dragon Wing Mount (240 IM)
Bat Broomstick Mount (240 IM)
Jacko Broom Mount (240 IM)
Wooden Cane Mount (240 IM)
Happy Reaper Support Pet (240 IM)
Mummy Andre Support Pet (240 IM)
Twitchy Skeleton Support Pet (240 IM)
Ivan Mount (240 IM)
Spiked Wing Box (80 IM)
Hell Wing Box (80 IM)
Demonic Wing Box (80 IM)

The Small Bigtooth and Punkuin Support Pet have been moved to the Pet tab.


Odd-Eye Kitty Costume
Sheep Doll
Black Witch Costume (female)
Skeleton Costume
Death Cheater Costume
Pumpkin Sorcerer Costume
Jack'o'Lantern Costume (Advanced)
Halloween Ghost Costume
Frankenstein Costume


Voodoo Doll [Special]
Delightful Pumpkin Costume [Special]
Naughty Little Devil Costume [Special]
Sly Little Wizard Costume [Special]

Jack'o'Lantern Costume [Artifact]
Ragged Ghost Costume [Artifact]
Ghostbusters Costume [Artifact]
Super Dragon Ranger [Artifact]