Patch Notes10/19/2022


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.15, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2022-10-19, 11:00 Server Time

Happy 12th Anniversary Dragon Saga!

We are celebrating our 12th anniversary and we invite you to celebrate with us.

This Event continues until October 26, 11:00 Server Time.

12th Anniversary EXP
October 19: 1.5x
October 20: 1.5x
October 21: 2.5x
October 22: 2.5x
October 23: 2.5x
October 24: 1.5x
October 25: 1.5x
October 26 until 11:00 Server Time: 1.5x

12th Anniversary Soulcraft & Enchant Events
October 19, 11:00 Server Time - October 26, 11:00 Server Time:
Enchant Success Chance doubled, Soulcraft Success Chance doubled

Halloween Event 2022
At the center of Port of the Winds Randy awaits you to give you some Halloween Quests.It's not needed to mention that the Events Costumes Little Ghost, Grim Reaper, Haunted Puppet and Undead Gamer are available. And also the [Event] Dragon Ranger Costumes are returning!

Besides all the costumes you can get all kind of useful and useless stuff like Halloween  Accessories, Balloons and more. The Event will stay for 3 weeks (until November, 9th 11:00 Server Time)
Also the Halloween Races are available too during the Event period.

From the Halloween Maps you can obtains as mission rewards:

• Small Soul Box
• Armor Dust Box
• Weapon Dust Box
• Tiny HP Eternity Potion
• Tiny MP Eternity Potion
• Double Up EXP Potion (2.0x EXP for 10 mins)
• Halloween Coin Green (Arcade Mode)
• Halloween Coin Red (Chaos Mode)
• Halloween Weapon Box
• Pumpkin Weapon Box
• Money Bag
• Halloween Hair and Faces Boxes
• Beauty Gasha Box (New Hair Colors & Faces)
To enter the Chaos Mode (F2) you need a [New] Torn Invitation.
They are dropped from every "Spirit" monster in the Event Maps.

Halloween Coins
All coins are tradable at NPC Randy.
• Green Coins (F1): 3 Coins for 1 Halloween Gasha Box [Arcade] (Humans or Dragokins)
• Red Coins (F2): 3 Coins for 1 Halloween Gasha Box [Chaos] (Humans or Dragokins)
• Blue Coins (F5): 2 Coins for 1 Little Ghost Costume Box
• And a lot more you can trade for these coins

Contents of the Halloween Gasha Box [Arcade]:

[Event] Cat Mask (White)
[Event] Cat Mask (Brown)
[Event] Devil's Horn
[Event] Orange Wizard Hat
[Event] Mustache Nose
[Event] Ghost Sweeper
[Event] Pumpkin Backpack
[Event] Jack's Magical Broom
[Event] Chinese Ghost
[Event] White Werewolf Ears
[Event] White Werewolf Paws
[Event] Gray Werewolf Ears
[Event] Brown Werewolf Paws
[Event] Brown Werewolf Feet
Dark Bat Balloon
Purple Bat Balloon

Contents of the Halloween Gasha Box [Chaos]:
[Event] Cat Mask (Gray)
[Event] Black Wizard Hat
[Event] Spider Wing
[Event] Coffin of Rest
[Event] Jack O'Lantern Balloon
[Event] Lady Ghost
[Event] Skull of Devildom
[Event] Little Gentlement Ghost
[Event] Little Lady Ghost
[Event] White Werewolf Feet
[Event] Gray Werewolf Paws
[Event] Gray Werewolf Feet
[Event] Brown Werewolf Ears
Red Bat Balloon
Purple Bat Balloon
Halloween Pumpkin Hat (Human only)

Bat Wing Box:
Red Bat Wings
Green Bat Wings
Teal Bat Wings
Pink Bat Wings
Blue Bat Wings
Colorful Paris Wings (rare)

Contents of the Big IM Consumables Box:
This box contains many different IM Consumables ranging from low to high value.

But that is not all! At NPC Randy you can trade in your farmed Halloween Coins for some other stuff:
the Mask Box containing a variety of masks, the wig box with some hilarious wigs, the halloween boxes with a lot of random stuff and the Flick and the Fillon Mount Eggs.
There should be anything for everyone!

Port of the Winds Farm – Important Notice

As mentioned in the last patch notes
we decided to remove the possibility to sell or trade Farm materials (gathered from the Port of the Winds Farm, including the blessed items) to other players using the open market, trade or in-game mail. Also the price for selling these items to an NPC Shop will be reduced to 1 copper per item. The only possibility to share these items with other characters will be the Account Vault in the future. Produced items (like the EXP Devices etc.) will be not affected by this and can be sold to others normally.
This is now effective.

The next Layer of Protection – Easy Anti Cheat
We are proud to announce that we have added another layer of protection against hacking and cheating by adding Easy Anti Cheat to the game. Taking this step shall make your game experience even better.
There is no step to take on your end since the EAC installation happens automatically during game start.

It could happen that the Windows Security asks you to allow that the EasyAntiCheat installer can be installed. Please accept that otherwise the game can't run.

Technical Info: Please know that the now needs a 64-bit Operating System to run, even though the game itself is still a 32-bit application.

General Fixes and Changes
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that sometimes when opening lots of in-game boxes shortly after another items went missing (for example it happened with Ancient Relic Boxes and does not happen with IM boxes). A 300ms delay between each box opening has been added to prevent this to happen. Additionally the bug that it had a very long delay when opening boxes by mouseclick has been removed. It's now as fast as opening them using them from the quick slot.
- Bugfix: You can no longer try to trade friend points when being max level. This never really worked and so the menu for trading friend points has been removed for max level characters (currently Lv. 85 characters).