Patch Notes 8/8/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.66, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-08-08, 13:00 Server Time




Grinding Event
After all that summer feeling it's time for some grinding again. Monsters in some specific areas are dropping Gem of Thrones items, which should be collected and can be exchanged at the Vending machine.

At the Vending Machine you can exchange these Gems of Thrones for the following items:

Dragon Crush Accessory – 4 parts – 25 Gems of Thrones each
[Event] Unity Set – 8 parts – 15 Gems of Thrones each
[Event] Destiny of Arcadia Set – 7 parts – 15 Gems of Thrones each
Unity Weapon Box – 30 Gems of Thrones


The Gem of Thrones items are dropped by monsters at the following locations:

- in all Mission Map starting from Mirinae Sanctuary (Arcade Mode and Chaos Mode)
- in Drakos Tower and VanCliff (Regular and Expert Mode)
- in the following Dungeons: Underground Graveyard (Lv. 30 & Lv. 35), Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta (Regular and Expert Mode), Specter's Tower
- Dungeon of Destiny

The event runs until August, 22nd 13:00 Server Time.





Soulcrafting/Soulcraft Randomizing update


- Another stat which can be gotten through Soulcrafting has been to added to several items:

Helmet/Head: Final Critical Success Rate +0.5% or +1%
Top: Max HP +1.5% or +3%
Bottom: Max MP +1.5% or +3%
Shoulders: Critical Damage +2% or +3%
Gloves: Attak Speed +5% or +10%


- By this update Weapons for magic classes can't get Min/Max Physical Attack anymore, Weapons for physical classes can't get Min/Max Magic Attack anymore.


- When the system randomly picks one of the base stats (INT, STR, HLT, AGI) while soulcrafting/soulcraft randomizing the chance which one of these you got was not equal for weapon and bracelet/shield. Means for example that the chance of soulcrafting/randomizing INT on a weapon was higher than getting STR. For bracelet/shield it was the other way round. On all other items the chance getting one of the 4 base stats always was equal already. The chances which one of the 4 base stats you get when the system picks a base stat have now been made equal for weapons and bracelets/shields as well. Means that getting one of the 4 base stats when the system picks a base stat is now equal on any item.


Any new item that gets soulcrafted at a Soulcraft NPC after this maintenance will be affected by these changes. Stats on previously soulcrafted items stay untouched by these changes until you decide to Soulcraft Randomize them. These changes affect the Soulcraft Randomizing process as well.


For example if the stat Max Physical Attack shall be removed from a staff which has been soulcrafted before this maintenance you need to either Soulcraft Randomize the staff or Soulcraft Extract the particular stat and soulcraft the staff again at a Soulcraft NPC.


Chat Font update
We have replaced the chat font again to ensure better readability.



Item Mall
The Devastation Weapon Gasha Box and the Annihilation Weapon Gasha Box have been added to the Item Mall (80 IM each). The boxes yield one Devastation Weapons resp. Annihilation Weapon for a random class. Each weapon has a chance of 10% to be obtained. These boxes only contains weapons and no blanks.



Magician Outfit
Libra Highschool Uniform (male)
Libra Highschool Uniform (female)
Skyblue Kid Uniform
Yellow Dotted Cardigan (female)
Rainbow Outfit (male)



Hades Set (Advanced) [Advanced Tab]
Apollo Set (Advanced) [Advanced Tab]

Legendary Magician Outfit [Special Tab]
Assassin Cross Set [Special Tab]

Devil's Set of Agility [Deluxe Tab]
Angel's Set of Health [Deluxe Tab]
Mighty Warrior Armor [Deluxe Tab]