Patch Notes 8/1/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.65, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-08-01, 13:00 Server Time


UI Improvement: Speech Bubbles 
Outlines have been added to the text in the speech bubbles for better readability.


Quality of Life improvement: Dailies
Mission Map quests can now be excluded from Daily Quests given by Hunter G., Dony and Andre. It can be selected when starting the dailies for each NPC separately. If you want to include mission map quests in the particular dailies you need uncheck the checkbox for the particular NPC. The default selection is always what you chose at the NPC before. The last choice will be saved in the config data locally.


Lighting Rework: Dungeon of Destiny
The Dungeon of Destiny got a lighting overhaul and looks much better now.


Summer Event 
The Summer Event is running for another week.
The Point Sale and Item Mall sale has ended. The Enchant and Soulcraft Success Chance Event has ended.



Item Mall 
The Guardian Weapons Boxes, the Flapping Wing Box, the Light and Dark Pixel Weapon Boxes, the Naughty Pink Egg and the Blue Bobcar Egg have been removed.
The Evil and Good Mini Soul Eggs have been moved to the Pet category.
Mini Wings Box has been added (80 IM each), Violet Mini Egg and Cool Sportster Egg have been added (240 IM each).

General Fixes and Changes
- the time the Gargoyles are "woken up" has been significantly reduced in the VanCliff Citadelle and in the Dark Element Dungeon
- The Metal Cube and Monkey Ballon have been added to the Vending Machine for 10 Silver Coins each


MixBoard Addition
Mighty Warrior Armor  [Deluxe Tab] NEW

Mighty Warrior Armor


Item Stats:
Head – Final Critical Success Rate +2%
Top – Max HP +15%
Bottom – Max MP +15%
Shoulders – Movement Speed +10%, Attack Speed +10%
Gloves – Critical Damage +10%
Shoes – Strength +10

Set Stats:
1 Part – Agility +40
2 Parts – Health +40
3 Parts – Strength +65
4 Parts – Critical Damage +40%
5 Parts – Final Critical Success Rate +8%
6 Parts – Movement Speed +35%, Attack Speed +35%