Patch Notes 10/31/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.96, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-10-31, 12:00 Server Time



Trick or Treat Grim Reapers and Haunted Puppets!
Show our costumed NPCs how creepy you look like when you are wearing the Grim Reaper or Haunted Puppet Costume (on the IM page) and many of them will give you a treat. Every NPC gives you a treat once. The event quests for that are available for any character Lv. 40+ from October, 31st 12:00 Server Time until November, 2nd 12:00 Server Time. So put on your Grim Reaper or Haunted Puppet Costume, make sure you wear it on the IM page and get your treats!


New Halloween Event Mounts!
There are 3 new Halloween Event Mounts available for trade at NPC Randy.
Get yourself an Igor Mount Egg, Spidey Mount Egg or Bone Mount Egg – or just get all of them, for 3 Red Halloween and 3 Green Halloween Coins each.


Item Mall Sale and Success Chance Event
The Item Mall Sale and Sucess Chance Events have ended.


General Fixes and Changes
- an experimental fix for the visual bug with the Mrs. Tiger Mount has been added. Please report to us through the usual channels if you still experience the visual bug

- The MyHome Expansion Permit 320x320 has been moved from the Promotion/Pink MyHome to the MyHome/Expansion


The Jack O'Lantern Costume [Advanced Tab] and the Dracula Costume [Special Tab] have been removed.