Patch Notes 10/24/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.95, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-10-24, 12:00 Server Time


Mirage PvP Class Balance
- the skill Ghost Fighter can't be used in PvP anymore

General Fixes and Changes
- removed the wrong priced sale items from the Item Mall (Pet Dye Potion, Pet Name Changer)
- fixed the inventory icon for the female Haunted Puppet Bottom

*Item Mall*
Water Guardian Weapon Box, Fire Guardian Weapon Box and Nature Guardian Weapon Box have been added (100 IM each)



Halloween Ghost Costume

Mummy Costume

Death Cheater Costume

Pumpkin Sorcerer Costume

Skeleton Costume

Black Witch Costume (female)

Odd-Eye Kitty Costume

Surprise Bear Costume

Panda Doll Costume

Koala Doll Costume

Jaguar Doll Costume

Whacko Mole Costume


Fashionable Rooster Costume [Advanced Tab]

Sheep Doll Costume [Advanced Tab]

Cowboy Cow Costume [Advanced Tab]

Space Suit Costume [Advanced Tab]

Voodoo Doll Costume [Special Tab]

Naughty Little Devil Costume [Special Tab]

Sly Little Wizard Costume [Special Tab]

Green Dragon Ranger Costume [Special Tab]

Delightful Pumpkin Costume [Special Tab]

Devil's Set of Agility [Deluxe Tab]

Ghost Busters Costume [Deluxe Tab]

Lucifer's Set of Artfulness [Deluxe Tab]

Luminant Bat of the Sea [Deluxe Tab]

Dark Magician Outfit [Deluxe Tab]