Chain Combo Screenshot Contest

Chain Combos make your character look awesome! Well more awesome than he/she already is... We are looking for the coolest looking screenshots showing off the combo system!

How to Participate:
-Perform an awesome chain combo and take a screenshot.
-Screenshot cannot be altered in anyway, and must be take with UI turned off. (F10 will turn it off) -Submit the screenshot in a post in this forum section.
-3 Screenshots per game account can be submitted.
-To submit an entry, create a thread in this forum, titled with your ingame character's name.
--include in the post: your character class, and up to 500pts worth of IM items for your prize. (Item must be currently in the Item Mall and not on sale)

Reward: -10 winners will be chosen to receive up to 500pts worth of Item Mall items of their choice!
-We'll turn your screenshot into a Loading Screen for the Month of August!

Begins: July 3rd, 2012
Ends: July 24th, 2012 (maintenance)