Jump into Action : Legendary

Dragon Saga : Legendary is now live, and several new heroes have joined us in the Dragon Fellowship but the need for heroes is great and we must recruit more! Now is your chance to train 2 heroes for the time it take to level 1!

From June 29th, 2012 through July 17, 2012, you'll be able to create a new hero which starts at level 40, fully equipped and ready for adventure!

New and Existing Accounts: Can create a new character already leveled up to 40 and equipped*. Only Prerequisite is to have a Level 50 or higher character already on the account.

Prompt to create a new event character will appear on the character creation screen after a character on the account has reached Level 50.

*Limit 1 Character per account.

Begins: 6/29/2012
Ends: 7/17/2012