Elga Dungeon Event

Elga has proven to be quite the challenge for many Dragon Fellowship Heroes. The challenge was taken up and proven to not be impossible. This weekend from 4/27-4/30 we are going to double your Elga drop rewards, in the hopes that others will take up the challenge to defeat Elga.

How to Participate:
-Complete and Defeat Elga with a Ranking of D or higher.
-Receive a drop from Elga
-During maintenance 5/1, we'll double whatever drops you've obtained.*

So defeat Elga, receive reward, wait until maintenance, receive a bonus reward.

*Bonus item will be placed on account during maintenance period 5/1. This item will be the same item as the previous one obtained from Elga which you can do whatever you'd like with. DROPS from Elga not the entire mission map will be doubled.

Begins: 12am Friday 4/27
Ends: 11:59pm Monday 4/30