Mission Map Reward Event

Mission Maps are a daily task most people engage in on a daily basis. From facing Vegabond to Kryos, you run at least one daily. This week we'll be giving players even more just for doing what they already do!

How to Particapate:
- Complete any mission map mission during the event period.
- The following day receive a Special Pet Gasha Box for each run!*

Special Pet Gasha Box contains 1 of the following:
Golden Dragon Pet Egg
Night Bat Pet Egg
Dragon Wing Pet Egg
Lv. 20 Supply EXP Potion
90% EXP Potion(2hr)
50% EXP Potion(2hr)
Mount Food(1day)
Mount Food(10day)

*Limits: Maximum 10 Boxes per character per day of the event. Boxes will be placed on the account within 24 hours. Please allow up to 48 hours during weekend periods.

Begins: 12am Wednesday 4/18
Ends: 11:59pm Tuesday 4/24