Hastur's Wishlist

In the Spirit of the holidays, we'd like to grant the wish of 10 Lucky Dragon Saga users! Now in an effort to make Dragon Saga better we'd like to get your feedback. So why not do both at once! simply fill out the survey for your chance to have your Dragon Saga wish come true!

Christmas Wish Options
a) Crafting Bundle
1. 20 Enchant Insurance, 10 SoulBoxes, and 5 of each: Reg./Adv./Spc./Art. Soulcraft Runestone (20 total)
b) Enchanting Bundle
2. 30 Enchant Insurance, 10 Reinforced Enchant Insurance, and 5 of each: Reg./Adv./Spc./Art. Enchant Stone (20 total)
c) Armor set of Choice (does not include sets obtainable in Elga battle or Armor no longer obtainable ingame) and 1,998 Armor Enchant Dust
d) 2x IM Costume sets of your choice. (1 Special and 1 Advanced)*
e) SoulCraft Option Change, +1 Enchant to Weapon or Armor, and 10x SoulCraft Randomizers.

How to participate: Send an email to Wishlist@warpportal.com with the Subject: "Hastur's Wishlist". Copy the Questionnaire below, fill it out and make sure to include your one wish! 10 Lucky Winners** will have their Holiday Wish Granted!

1. Highest Level Character and Characters name
2. Age
3. Gender
4. Country

1. How did you hear about Dragon Saga?

2. List top 3 sources for game information? (IGN,FACEBOOK,MMOSITE, ETC)

3. What other PC games are you currently playing?

4. Do you buy points?
If Yes, what is your preferred method of payment?
If No, why not and what can we do to get you to make a payment?

5. If there is one thing in Dragon Saga that you could change right now...what would it be?

6. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate:
The CSR(Customer Service Representative) Team Customer Service?
The CM (Community Moderators) Team Customer Service?

7. How can our Team better Serve your needs?

8. Have you recommended Dragon Saga to a friend or family member?

We'll be accepting wishes until December 26th, 2011. Winners will be announced on December 27th. *Costume must have been in the Bigwheel or mixboard in the last 6 months, please choose 3 options for each.**One entry per WP account.

Begins: 12/13/2011
Ends: 12/27/2011