Holiday Hijinks!

The Holiday Season is upon us once again! Starting December 13th, 2011 thru January 10th , 2012 Christmas is coming to Dragon Saga! Christmas Trees, gifts, snow, and other holiday goodies!

Santa prepared special Giftboxes to give out but they've been stolen! Rumor has it monsters everywhere are holding these boxes hostage; you'll need to get them back if you want to collect the prizes inside! Lucky for you Santa was smart enough to lock the boxes before they were taken, so you'll have to get a Santa's key if you want to get inside. Santa’s Christmas giftbox will contain event items ranging from SoulCraft Randomizers to MyHome Christmas furniture!

***Just for logging in* each day you’ll receive a special Holiday Gasha box and Santa’s Key for every hour you stay ingame (up to 5 a day). The Holiday Gasha will contain one item ranging from special holiday balloons, recovery food, cookies, and so much more! Santa's Keys will be given out via XO quizzes and other events; we’ll also be offering some for sale in the Item Mall, alongside Seasonal MyHome furniture and other special items.

Each day = a new chance to get a great FREE item!

Don’t forget to check out the BigWheel and Mixboard for Specials holiday and winter themed costumes for Humans and Dragonkin alike!

* Character must meet the minimum level to receive items : Human Lv.10 , and Dragonkin Lv.21

***Holiday Gasha Box
Box contains one of the following:
-Christmas balloon x1
-Angel Balloon x1
-Snow Balloon x1
-Yogurt x5
-Slice of Cake x5
-HP Potion x5
-MP Potion x5
-Christmas Walking Stick x5
-Christmas Candy Cane x5
-Christmas Drops x5
-Christmas Star Candy x5
-Rudolph Cookie x5
-Santa Cookie x5

Santa's Christmas Giftbox
Box contains one of the following:
-2011 Christmas Costume full set 1 (Advance) x1
-Christmas Tree (MyHome) x1(7days)
-Christmas Fireplace (MyHome) x1(7days)
-Christmas Window (MyHome) x1(7days)
-Pet premium food (7 days) x1
-Teleport Card x5
-Enchant Insurance Scroll x2
-Regular Megaphone x10
-Reinforced Megaphone x7
-Safety Foam x5
-Gada Coin x5
-Soul x150
-Armor Enchant Dust x6
-Weapon Enchant Dust x3

***This portion of the event has temporarily been removed, to be reintroduced at a later date.

Begins: 12/13/2011
Ends: 1/10/2012