Patch Notes 3/14/2018



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.42, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-3-14, 12:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.


St. Patrick's Day Event

March, 17th is St. Patrick's Day – and like every year we will celebrate this day with an event. This year you will get the green Leprechaun Costume consisting of Hat, Jacket, Pants, bare Hands, Shoes and the Pot  of Gold (Backpack) again. The Pot of Gold give very special stats: Teleport cost discount: 15% (overridden if the pet skill is available) and Repair cost reduction: 10% (this stat does not "stack"). The costume has the common event costume stats. The whole costume is tradable/sellable but soulbound upon equip.



You can get a random part of the costume or a part of the Leprechaun Accessory Set (Ring, Necklace, Earrings) by trading 10 Fresh Clover from the world drop at the Vending Machine for the Leprechaun's Box. Every part of the accessory set gives +0.5% Enchant Success Rate and +0.5% Soulcraft Success Rate. If worn as a set you will get additional +1.5% Enchant Success Rate and +1.5% Soulcraft Success rate which finally gives you +3.0% Enchant and Soulcraft Success Rate if worn as a set.


The Leprechaun's Box is fully restricted including Account Vault.

Additionally you can get the following items directly from the Vending Machine as a trade:

St. Patrick's Day Hat (5 Fresh Clover) not sellable/tradable
St. Patrick's Day Balloon (5 Fresh Clover) not sellable/tradable
Trefoil Balloon (5 Fresh Clover)
Good Luck! Balloon (30 Fresh Clover)
Good Luck Ring (75 Gada Coins, 25 Fresh Clover) This item is fully restricted including Account Vault!


The event will be running until March, 21st 12:00 Server Time




File System and Patcher Technology Update
With this maintenance we will upgrade the game's file system and patcher technology.


The Dragon Saga File System will be updated to use a new compression algorithm and file system structure. This has some advantages:

- the game will load maps and streamed objects (textures, models) noticeably faster
- the new file system gives the patcher the possibility to do a file integrity check after patching – this should improve the stability of the patching process and significantly reduce the risk of file corruptions during the patching process
- the files are protected against unauthorized changes
- the content can't be abused for unlicensed/unauthorized usage by a third party


The Patcher will be upgraded to work with this new file system technology. This means that the patcher will be automatically replaced before patching. Due to the need that all files have to be migrated to the new file system the patching process will take longer than usual. You will be informed by a message box once that a file migration is needed which you need to confirm by clicking on okay before the patching process continues.

Please make sure that you have at least 12 GB of free HD space available during the file migration process.


After the patching process is done the file integrity will be checked to make sure that no downloaded and/or patched files are corrupted.

Due to the nature of a file integrity check all files need to be original, unaltered files. Make sure that you are using the original client files and that the files aren't altered ones you might got for example by getting the client from a friend. If the integrity check finds altered files the patching process will fail.



As a small "compensation" for the longer patching time we have a little surprise for you. For 50 Fresh Clover you will be able to get the new Helga Mount which comes with 2 all new attack skills (Ice Cloud and Fire Cloud) and 3 different colors (by using a Pet Dye potion). This mount has been requested by a lot of players in the past but wasn't possible to realize before. The mount comes with Kero stats.





General Fixes
- a bug has been fixed which allowed people to enter the Paris boss room at Drakos Lv. 50 without beating Antares first


Pet-a-Palooza Item Mall Sale


For all mount lovers and/or collectors we have a very special sale this week. You can purchase all mounts (except for the Wild Green, Yellow Cat, Mini Red and Blue Thunder) directly from the Item Mall for a reduced price. Grab them for 200 IM Points instead of 300 each.


If you like to gamble the Pet-a-Palooza Surprise Box might be right for you. This box contains randomly one of 31 different mounts (including Wild Green, Yellow Cat, Mini Red and Blue Thunder) for only 150 IM Points per box. There are no blanks. You will always get a random mount.

The box randomly contains one of the following mounts:
- Golden Dragon
- Midnight Calm
- Midnight Scream
- Colorful Poodle
- Flying Squirrel
- Sugar Glider
- Pink Flix
- Tabby Flix
- Golden Flix
- White Flix
- Blue Tailed Lizard
- White Pegasus
- Fire Pegasus
- Golden Pegasus
- Dark Pegasus
- Mrs. Husky
- Hover Pro
- Cerberon
- Bruno the Bulldog
- Mini Husky
- Tiger
- Liger
- Pink Feilon
- Blue Bob Car
- Violet Mini Car
- Cool Sportster Car
- Naughty Pink Car
- Mini Red Car
- Yellow Cat Car
- Wild Green Car
- Blue Thunder Car


Additionally we are offering a reduced price for the following pet related items:

- Pet Option Randomizers (10 pcs. for 300 IM Points instead of 400)
- Pet Dye Potion (200 IM Points instead of 250)
- Pet Name Changer (230 IM Points instead of 300)


Everything can be found at the Promotion->Event tab