Patch Notes 08/02/2017


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.91, Game Version:
Server Maintenance
2017-08-02, 15:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.







Due to the impact of the DDoS attacks the Summer Event has been extended by another week until August, 16th.



The limitations of Fast Emotions (Alt+Number Key) and Fast Chat Access have been removed from PvE. The limitations have been removed from PvP while the character is showing the die animation. Speech bubbles have been removed from PvP on the client side when they're used while skills are running because the chat bar was activated before the skill is used. This was necessary to keep the server synchronized.

EXP Event

We have decided to run a longer EXP Event for you to catch up the lost time last week:


Wednesday, 8/2: 2.0x (starts after the weekly maintenance)
Thursday, 8/3: 2.0x
Friday, 8/4: 2.5x
Saturday, 8/5: 2.5x
Sunday, 8/6: 2.5x
Monday, 8/7: 2.0x
Tuesday, 8/8: 2.0x
Wednesday, 8/9: 2.0x
Thursday, 8/10: 2.0x


Class Adjustments (Testing Phase)

As everyone can see in the published damage calculation which can be found on the forums the magical classes (Magician, Shaman and the derived classes) always get their damage multiplied by a hard coded multiplier of 1.5 while all physical classes had none. After discussing this in the team we came to the conclusion that we don't want to remove that multiplier from the magic classes. Even though we are fully aware these classes are the strongest DPS dealers. That brought us to the solution to give the physical classes their own multiplier which can be adjusted now class-wise to a maximum of 1.5 if needed/wanted. Anyway we set the current multiplicators to the following amounts:


Warrior x1.3
Knight/Paladin/Dragoon x1.3
Gladiator/Myrmidone/Overlord x1.3

Archer x1.2
Hunter/Pathfinder/Sentinel x1.3
Marksman/Specialist/Destroyer x1.2

Thief x1.3
Bandit/Rogue/Savage x1.3
Infiltrator/Assassin/Ninja x1.3

Twin Figher/Twin/Mirage/Jumeaux x1.2


Please try it out and give us some feedback. We are able to adjust those amounts in both directions between x1.0 and x1.5 for each class separately.

The shown PATK/MATK values on the character info screen are now reflecting the multiplier as well.



Everything will be removed

Pink Bikini (female)
White Bikini (female) 
Gray Beach Fun Set
Orange Beach Fun Set


Everything will be removed

Hot Summer Set [Advanced Tab]
Summer Fun Set [Advanced Tab]

Tropical Green Set (male) [Special Tab]
Tropical Caramel Set (female) [Special Tab]

White Smith Set  [Special Tab]
Green Ruffle Layered Bikini  [Special Tab]

Hades Set  [Deluxe Tab]
Devil's Set of Agility [Deluxe Tab]