Patch Notes 02/01/2017



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.43, Game Version:


Server Maintenance
2017-02-01, 15:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.




Lunar New Year! Event
The Lunar New Year Drop will be ending. The box will stay in the vending machine for another week to give you a chance to exchange your leftover Golden Dragon Statues.




Chat Feature Update #2
If you receive a whisper from a player and you have activated the Trade chat or hidden the chat with the "Hide Chat" function the Normal tab will start to blink until you either unhide the chat or change to a tab where you can see whispers (Normal, Party, Guild). The blinking effect is the same you already know from Party and Guild chat. With this update you should never miss a whisper anymore.


Screenshot Function Update
The stability of the screenshot function using the PrtScr key has been improved. The game does not block the system-wide input anymore when loading. Also screenshots can now be taken every second instead of every 2 seconds.  If there are still problems that the screenshot key is not working please let us know.


New Low Level Achievements

5 new achievements have been added:

·         Woodie-Holic – Slay 333 Woodie Monsters

·         Bat Guy – Slay 333 Scrappies

·         Star Chaser – Slay 333 Starry Lolos

·         Happy Hippo – Slay 333 Hippos

·         Rookie Monster Hunter – Complete all of the above Achievements


Item Mall
The Golden Dragon Mount Egg will be replaced by the Flying Squirrel Mount Egg.


Everything will be removed

Skier's Set
Professional Skier's Set
Libra Highschool Set (male)
Libra Highschool Set (female)



Everything will be removed

Blue Brave Knight Set [Advanced Tab]
[Best] Marquis Kulon Set (male) [Advanced Tab]
[Best] Marquis Kulon Set (female) [Advanced Tab]

Paris Follower's Set [Special Tab]
Naughty Little Devil Set [Special Tab]
Blue and Red Wing [Special Tab]

Hades Set [Deluxe Tab]
Apollo Set [Deluxe Tab]