Patch Notes 04/18/24 - IM Back Item Event


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.11.25, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2024-04-18, 11:00 Server Time

Easter Cherry Blossom Event
The Event has ended.
Event items can still be traded at NPC Varta for another week.

IM Back Item Event
Collect Purple Coins by killing Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary and trade them for a Cape Gasha Box, Wing Gasha Box, Quiver Gasha Box or Muffler Gasha Box at the Vending Machine. Every box costs 20 Purple Coins. The boxes contains an IM Back Item wearable by every class.

This event stays until May 2, 11:00 Server Time.

Important!Starting with this event collected event items used for event exchange/trade which have not been exchanged will be removed from player inventories when the event period has ended and the event exchange/event trade is removed.

That means that the Purple Coins will be removed from the inventories by the regular maintenance on May 9.

General Fixes and Changes
- Change:Removed Dragokin reward items from the Black Dragon Lord Dungeon.

Item Mall
Purifier Big Pack Special (until April 25, 11:00 Server Time)
50x Essence Purifier – 1300 IM (26 IM instead of 32 IM per item)
44x Purifier Can – 5000 IM (around 114 IM instead of 125 IM per item)

Featured Items (until May 2, 11:00 Server Time)
Devastation Weapon Box – 80 IM
Annihilation Weapon Box – 80 IM
Lord's Wings Box – 80 IM

Pyrei's Pucky Balloon Box – 80 IM
Demon Horns Box – 80 IM

Arcadia's Set of Destiny

Black Samurai Outfit

Cloud Raincoat

Hephaistos Set (Advanced)

Libra Highschool Uniform (male)

Libra Highschool Uniform (female)

Stone Age Warrior Costume (male)

Stone Age Warrior Costume (female)

Child Maid Uniform [Special]

Lucifer's Set [Special]

Count Kitty Cat Costume [Special]

Angel's Set of Health [Artifact]

[Best] Arcadia's Set of Destiny [Artifact]

Crazy Clown Costume [Artifact]