Patch Notes 10/12/23 - More Anniversary Festivities!


Maintenance Notes

Patch Version 0.10.88, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-10-12, 11:00 Server Time

Happy 13th Anniversary Dragon Saga!

We are celebrating our 13th anniversary and we invite you to celebrate with us.
This year we have our 13th Birthday Cake and also we have a little guest.
The name of him is "Little Bob". Little Bob has something very special for you. When you talk to him he will be able to teleport you and your party members into the Dungeon of the Forgotten Past. The Dungeon will take you and your party members on a journey into Dragon Saga's past.
The Dungeon is an Expert Mode Dungeon, it does not offer a normal mode. All Expert Mode limitations apply, but you also get the 8 end rewards.

This Event runs until November 2, 11:00 Server Time.

13th Anniversary Soulcraft & Enchant Event
October 12, 11:00 Server Time - October 19, 11:00 Server Time:
Soulcraft Success Chance doubled, Enchant Success Chance doubled

13th Anniversary EXP
October 12: 1.5x
October 13: 2.3x
October 14: 2.4x
October 15: 2.5x
October 16: 1.5x
October 17: 1.5x
October 18: 1.5x
October 19: 1.5x

Bessie's Buff Items
NPC Bessie has filled up her shop with her new buff items which can be obtained by exchaning 30 Ancient Lockets for them:

4x Dangerous Embers
Increases ATK by 30% and Criticial Rate by 7% for 2 minutes.

5x Genereous Statue
Does what it always did.

4x Bessie's Green Drink
Increases AGI and INT by 10 for 2 minutes.

4x Bessie's Cooked Fish
Increases AGI and STR by 10 for 2 minutes.

General Changes:
All other buff items from the production system are not longer obtainable and cannot be sold or traded anymore. All cooldowns of the buff items have been increased to 5 minutes.

New One-Time Sellable Items
Item Mall
- Soul Craft Extractor
- Card Insurance Scroll
- Prime Pixel Insurance Scroll
- Account Vault Extention (no longer restricted, can now be sold once!)
- Socket Card Extractor

In-Game Items
- Hunter Capsules (all grades)
- Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Elements
- Fire/Ice/Nature/Dark Blesses (all grades, the combined ones as well)
- HP and MP Injections

At NPC Gwen you can only exchange the elements for unsellable once. That affects the trade of 1 element for the 3 others and the trade for the combined blesses (Fire/Ice, Nature/Dark and Every Element Bless).

General Fixes and Changes
- Fix:
The UI for the Pet Option Randomizers and Soul Craft Randomizers has been fixed

Item Mall
Featured Items

Bi-Weekly Rotation Items (until October 26, 11:00 Server Time)
Sharp Paws Weapon Box – 80 IM Points

Wild Paws Weapon Box – 80 IM Points

Tentacle Wing Box – 80 IM Points

Love Glasses Box – 80 IM Points

Yongha's Yongha Balloon Box – 80 IM Points

Sprayer Apprentice Outfit

Canary Yellow Kid Uniform

Japanese Formal Outfit

Detective Costume

Villain''s Outfit

Eastern Hunter Outfit

Drummer Popstar Outfit (male)

Blue Feather Stoneage Outfit (female)

Junior Sprayer Outfit [Special]

Luminant Bat of the Sea Costume [Special]

Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Outfit [Special]

Gothic Kimono (male) [Special]

Gothic Kimono (female) [Special]

Chic Anniversary Outfit [Artifact]

Unholy Crusader Armor [Artifact]

Senior Sprayer Outfit [Artifact]

Cute Blue Messenger Set [Artifact]