Patch Notes 03/30/2023 - Multi-Language Client Test update


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.44, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-03-30, 11:00 Server Time

Multilanguage Game Client Update

Hello DragonSaga friends,
Hallo DragonSaga-Freunde,
Bonjour à tous les amis de DragonSaga,
Hola amigos de DragonSaga,
Olá amigos DragonSaga,

we are proud to announce that we are able to provide our game client in 5 different languages now:
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian-Portuguese

Quest titles, item names, location names, achievements and monster names are intentionally kept in the original english language for better community communication. Furthermore it is only possible to search the open market using the original english item names. Also words which are shown as images have not been translated.

Please know that all languages except of the original English one have been machine translated and may contain grammatical and contextual mistakes or inconsistences. If you come across any of those inconsistences please let us know.
Currently we are only offering the Patch Notes and in-game Newsfeed in English language but this shall change within the next weeks. We are planning to provide Patch Notes in all 5 languages and the in-game newsfeed shall be shown in the selected client language.

Please note that we are currently in a QA testing phase for the multilanguage update and you all are invited to try the new languages out and report problems, mistakes, etc. The official launch of the multilanguage client will follow at a later time.

Patching Process

The patching process will be a bit different this time. When the maintenance is finished and the servers have been opened start the patcher as usual. The patcher will start a patching process and after this patching process is done click on "Game Start" as always.
The game will not start, instead a new Patcher screen will come up and shows an agreement. Please read the agreement and check the "I agree" checkbox and click on the "Continue" button. The new patcher loader will download a new release of the DragonSaga client patcher and will start it afterwards. The agreement is only shown once per installation.
This new client patcher provides the possibility to select the language your client will start with by clicking on the flag at the patcher top area you want the client to be started in. If you already selected a different language at the agreement screen this language will be set as default language when the new client patcher starts for the first time. Please note that you can only change your client language at the patcher screen and not in-game!

Trade Chat -- New Rule

Starting with the update to the multilanguage game client the DragonSaga team has decided that in the Trade Chat no other language than English is allowed to use anymore. This decision will help to improve the community interaction and to reduce toxicity and insults using non-English languages which cannot be understood by everyone.
The only excpetion to this rule is for guild recruitment announcements which can still be made in the native language the guild is using. For multilanguage guilds we recommend using English announcements.

Breaking this new rule will have the following consequences for the person using a non-English language:
    On the first happening the person will be muted for 24 hours from all chats, on a second happening the mute will last one week. If it happens for a 3rd time the person will be permanently muted from all chats.
The new rule does only affect the Trade Chat. Friend Chat, Regular Chat and Guild Chat as well as whispers and 1:1 chats stay unaffected.

EXP Event

To celebrate the start of the multilanguage client QA testing phase and to shorten your waiting time until our Easter Cherry Blossom event starts next week we are having a 2.5x bonus EXP event starting today, March 30 and ending on Sunday, April 2.

Have a lot of fun! Viel Spaß dabei! Amuse-toi bien! ¡Diviértete mucho! Divirta-se muito!

Nostalgia Grind Event

The event continues until April 5, 11:00 Server Time.