Patch Notes 1/11/2023


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.30, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2023-01-11, 11:00 Server Time

Grinding for Elements Mini Event
This Event has ended.

Grind for Food Mini Event
Until January 18, 11:00 Server Time Monsters at specific locations are dropping Food Boxes:
- in all Mission Map starting from Mirinae Sanctuary (Arcade Mode and Chaos Mode)
- in Drakos Tower and VanCliff (Regular and Expert Mode)
- in the following Dungeons: Underground Graveyard (Lv. 30 & Lv. 35), Akia Cave, Verdurous Forest, Kundara Dungeon, Red Fox Delta, Specter's Tower (Regular and Expert Mode), Magma Dungeon, Kryos Ice Dungeon
- Dungeon of Destiny

The box randomly drops:
2x Cake
2x Yoghurt
3x Bread Roll
3x Parfait
1x Hamburger
1x Juice

General Fixes and Changes

- Change: Because of a lot of reports from the community that people "abuse" the revive timer inside of dungeons, the revive timer has been reduced from 10 minutes to 45 seconds (which is long enough to be revived or use an item).

Item Mall
Fire Guardian Weapon Box
Water Guardian Weapon Box
Nature Guardian Weapon Box
Dark Guardian Weapon Box
Gaia Guardian Weapon Box
Glacial Guardian Weapon Box
School Backpack Box
Little Helper Balloon Box
Love Glasses Box

Zodiac Weapon Box Gold/Black (80 IM)
Zodiac Weapon Box Silver (80 IM)
Lord's Wing Box (80 IM)
Little Devil Balloon Box (80 IM)
Star Glasses Box (80 IM)

Gray Stone Age Costume (male)
Orange Stone Age Costume (female)
Odellia Highschool Uniform (male)
Odellia Highschool Uniform (female)
Canary Yellow Kid Uniform
Red Cutie Attendant Uniform
Eskimo Parka Outfit
Red Dance Casual Outfit
Apple Green Casual Outfit

High Priest Set (male) [Special]
High Priest Set (female) [Special]
Snow Emperor Costume [Special]
[Best] Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Outfit [Special]

Fallen Angel Set [Artifact]
Inka Shaman Set [Artifact]
Dressy Devil Set [Artifact]
Lunar Set [Artifact]