Patch Notes 9/28/2022


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.10.11, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2022-09-28, 11:00 Server Time

Talk like a Pirate! Day Event
This event has ended. You can still exchange event items at NPC Hookah for another week.

Furniture Event
Exchange 10 House Fly Items for a Furniture Box at the Vending Machine which contains randomly one of these MyHome furniture items:

Strawberry Wafer Cookie Desk
Chocolate Pie Table
Cracker Closet
Pretzel Window
Sherbet Wafer Desk
Strawberry Whipped Cream Cookie Sofa
Cheese Cookie Cherry Mirror
Milk Chocolate Fireplace
Strawberry Wafer Candy Safe
Woodworking Lathe
Mini Mini Garden
Gem Maker
Lucky Pig Statue Gold
Lucky Pig Statue Silver
Lucky Pig Statue Bronze
Panda Statue Gold
Panda Statue Silver
Panda Statue Bronze
Lion Statue Gold
Lion Statue Silver
Lion Statue Bronze
Pororing Statue Gold
Pororing Statue Silver
Pororing Statue Bronze

You can obtain House Fly Itemsby killing Monsters inside Expert Modes, Dungeons (except of Temple of Water) and Mission Maps starting with Mirinae Sanctuary.

This Event runs until October 5, 11:00 Server Time.

Drakos Tower – Lighting Update
The visual appearance of Drakos Tower has been updated by our Map Maker by reworking the overall lighting on all floors. Drakos Tower looks prettier now.

Item Mall
Crazy Johnny's Weapon Box
Kalygon's Parrot Balloon Box
Parrot Wing Box
Atlantis Weapon Box
Mysterious Party Mask Box
School Backpack Box

Aztec Weapon Box (80 IM)
Colorful Eye Patch Box (80 IM)
Farrell’s Dragon Balloon Box (80 IM)
Titan Wing Box (80 IM)

Snow Bear Costume
Cloud Raincoat
Space Suit
Indigo Blues Outfit
Red Samurai Outfit
Azure Gala Outfit
Rainbow Outfit (male)
Sexy Popstar Outfit (female)

Luminant Bat of the Meadow [Special]
Red Tyranno Dinosaur Costume [Special]
Lucifer's Set [Special]

Spirtual Shaman Set [Artifact]
Dressy Devil Outfit [Artifact]
Apollo Set [Artifact]