Patch Notes 7/6/2022


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.98, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2022-07-06, 11:00 Server Time

Mag ich! Event  
Addition: For one week (until the Mag ich! Event ends) you will we able to exchange Mag ich! items for either a Wunny Mount Egg (Doctor Parrell's Mysterious Mount Egg) – 50 Mag ich! – for an [Event] Mini Wunny Support Pet Egg – 50 Mag ich! – or for a Corny (a tiny horse what the player is riding backwards – called Doctor Parrell's 2nd Mysterious Mount Egg) – 25 Mag ich! All three are coming with event only stats.

The Wunny Mount and the Mini Wunny can be upgraded to a high stat mount resp. support pet at NPC Amy when using the Pet upgrader IM Item. The Corny can not be upgraded.

Keep in mind, that the Wunny Mount is not a mount while the Mini Wunny cannot be mounted and is a support pet.

Happy farming!

The event continues until July 13, 11:00 Server Time.

Snowy Mountain Map - Redesign
We are proud to tell that our mapmaker has completely redesigned the Snowy Mountain Map. The Map is now less confusing and easier to walk through.

With that the daily quests regarding Desert Worms have been adjusted to the changed amount of Desert Worms monsters on the map.

General Fixes and Changes

- QoL Update: a so-called Monster Blocking Wall has been added in front of the guard NPC at the entrance of Traitors Ridge and in front of NPC Veron at the entrance of Ice Rock Hill (Past) to prevent monsters to attack you while talking to the NPC.

- Bugfix: Ice Dungeon: Fixed a bug which caused the drop chance of Snow Dust being lower when playing the expert mode.

- Adjustment: The calculation formula of the monster difficulty in Expert Modes has been changed.

- Adjustment: The Dressy Devil Costume and the Spiritual Shaman Costume have now the same restriction like all other artifact grade costumes.