Patch Notes 2/9/2022


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.71, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2022-02-09, 13:00 Server Time

The event has ended.
Event items can still be exchanged for another week.

Superbowl Mini Drop Event!
Running until February 16, 13:00 Server Time.
On February 14 it's the 56th Superbowl! Time to do some sports or at least look like you would do some sports. Until February 16 monsters at the usual locations are dropping a Football when being killed. You can exchange 10 Footballs at the Vending Machine for a Superbowl Gasha Box. It contains baseball uniforms, basketball uniforms, groupy clothing for the fans and a soccer balloon and a soccer hat. Show us how sporty you are and grab some of these while you can.

Valentine's Day Event 2022 – Event Guide

Cookie Factory is back!
Stop Derek from kidnapping children and poisoning sweets and candies.

Chocolate Meister's House and Chocolate Storage

Open the doors to Chocolate Meister's House and the Chocolate Storage by playing the initial questline. It starts at NPC Floran at Port of the Winds. The quest will show up for all players Level 30+.

Chocolate Meister's House (Event Map F6 Mode)
To access this mode you need to have Tickets to Chocolate Meister's House (F6) [2020] in your inventory. They're working like the defense orders. One is needed for a party size up to 2 players and two tickets are needed for parties of 3 and 4 players. The tickets can be obtained from the initial questline and as a world drop (by killing any monster).

No Perfect Hunches are needed to get the directions guessing rewards. Instead you will need Magical Flower Bouquets. You can obtain Magical Flower Boxes containing up to 3 Magical Flower Bouquets by killing monsters on any hidden (scroll) map. Those hidden scrolls are dropped by any boss of the regular mission maps. Hidden maps are available for all level ranges. When you are asked to guess the monster direction you can use the Magical Flower Bouquet to always have a right guess.
For every right guess you will be rewarded with the following:

Right Guesses

1 Player Party

2 Players Party

3 Players Party

4 Players Party


1x Sweet Ingredients Box

2x Sweet Ingredients Box

3x Sweet Ingredients Box

4x Sweet Ingredients Box


1x Valentine Silver Coin

2x Valentine Silver Coin

3x Valentine Silver Coin

4x Valentine Silver Coin


1x Sweet Ingredients Box

2x Sweet Ingredients Box

3x Sweet Ingredients Box

4x Sweet Ingredients Box


1x Valentine Gold Coin Box

1x Valentine Gold Coin Box

2x Valentine Gold Coin Box

2x Valentine Gold Coin Box

5 Valentine Silver Coins can be traded at NPC Gordon in Port of the Winds to obtain a Valentine's Silver Accessory Box. This box can contain a part of the Lovely Silver Accessory Set or a Valentine's Day consumable item.
You can trade in 2 specific parts of the Lovely Silver Accessory Set to get one Lovey Gold Accessory Set part at NPC Gordon.
10 Valentine Gold Coins can be traded at NPC Gordon for a Amor Box. This box randomly contains a part of the Cupid Set or the Amor Angel Set.

20 Valentine Gold Coins
can be traded at NPC Gordon for an [Event] Styling Pink Box. This box randomly contains a part of the [Event] Styling Pink Set.

Please know that all boxes are fully restricted.

At Stage 5 and Stage 10 you get a stage end reward similar to the mission result rewards. You will get 4 random rewards out of the following:

  • Money Bag Gasha Box containing a gold bag with a random amount of gold
  • Armor Enchant Dust Gift Box (4 ea)
  • Weapon Enchant Dust Gift Box (2 ea)
  • Soul Gift Box (14 ea)
  • Valentine Balloon Box containing a random Valetine's Day Balloon
  • Valentine Accessory Box containing a random Valentine's Day Costume Accessory
  • EXP Double Up potion (10 mins)

Chocolate Storage (Event Map F1 Mode)
During the questline you will be send into the F1 Mode several times.
As end reward you get the following:

  • EXP Double-Up Potion
  • Cookie Ingredients Box
  • Soul Gift Box (16 ea)
  • Weapon Enchant Dust Gift Box (9 ea)
  • Armor Enchant Dust Gift Box (18 ea)
  • Valentine Gold Coin Box
  • Valentine Silver Coin
  • Valentine Costume Box
  • Valentine Balloon Box
  • Valentine Wing Box

Cookie Ingredients Box
The Sweets Ingredients Box obtainable in the Chocolate Meister's House (F6) mode contains 2 of each of the Cookie Recipie ingredients: Flour, Almond, Marshmellow, Stick, Chocolate, Butter, Milk, Powder Sugar, and 5 Valentine Recipe Boxes

Valentine Recipe Box
The recipe box can be obtained from the F1 Mode and is given by Cookie Ingredient Boxes.

Couple Questline
When playing as a couple or married couple and after completing the quest "Proof of Love" you will be able to start a questline especially for couples to obtain parts of this year's valentine's day event costume set. For finishing the last quest of this quest line you will get the Valentine's Day achievement (Be my Valentine), 2 Love Message Cards, 5 Love Love Warps and a Valentine's Pet Gift Coupon. With this coupon you can get one of three Valentine Pets:

  • Ms. Gingerbread
  • ChocoChop
  • Lovely Woodie

All three pets are ordinary pets at level 20 and need normal Pet Food to be kept alive. You can sell the pet eggs in the open-market, but once the pet egg is opened the pet itself is fully restricted.

Valentine Balloon Box
This box contains randomly one of the following balloons:

  • Cupid Balloon
  • Heart Balloon
  • Love Chocolate Balloon
  • Valentine Love Balloon
  • Cloud Nine Balloon
  • I Love you Balloon

Valentine Costume Accessory Box
This box contains randomly one of the following accessories:

  • Anti Love Mark Hat
  • Strawberry Pudding Hat
  • Creme Cake Hat
  • Fruit Cake Hat
  • Candy Gloves
  • Chocolate Gloves
  • Valentine's Day Backpack

Valentine Wing  Box
This box contains the Valentine Versions of the following Flapping Wings:
Red and White
Red and Pink
The Tickets (F6), the Magical Flower Bouquets, the Magical Flower Box, the Valentine Costume Accessory Box, the Valentine Ballon Box, the Valentine Wing Box and the Big IM Consumable Boxes are fully restricted including account vault restriction.
The event runs until February 23, 13:00 Server Time.

Perimeter-B: Mood
Perimeter-B now supports the 4 moods Day, Night, Dusk and Dawn depending on your mood setting.

General Fixes and Changes
- Change: The amount of monsters needed to be killed at the daily "Kill X monsters in the area" quest have been significantly reduced.

Item Mall
Beatiful Rose Box
Aztec Weapon Box
Farrell's Dragon Balloon Box
Love Glasses Box (80 IM)
Mini Wing Box (80 IM)
Heartbreaker Weapon Box (80 IM)
Sweet Candy Weapon Box (80 IM)
Little Devil Balloon Box (80 IM) **NEW** (see below)
Little Devil Support Pet (240 IM) **NEW** (see below)

The Snowming Support Pet has been moved to the Pet category


Valentine Prom Dress
Vintage Tiger-Patterned Hoodie
Professional Skiers Outfit
Magician Outfit
Kazeura Highschool Uniform (male)
Kazeura Highschool Uniform (female)
Winter Peak Outfit (female)
Red Dance Casual Outfit (male)


Styling Pink Set [Special]
Fantasy Priest/Pythoness Outfit [Special]
[Best] Angel's Set [Special]

Crazy Clown Costume [Artifact]
Dark Magician Set [Artifact]
Zeus Set [Artifact]