Patch Notes 12/15/2021


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.61, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2021-12-15, 13:00 Server Time

Item Mall
Zodiac Silver Weapon Box
Zodical Gold/Black Weapon Box
Parrell's Cutie Balloon Box
Beautiful Rose Box
Flapping Wing Box

Mini Wing Box (80 IM)
Fire Guardian Weapon Box (80 IM)
Water Guardian Weapon Box (80 IM)
Nature Guardian Weapon Box (80 IM)
Dark Guardian Weapon Box (80 IM)
Gaia Guardian Weapon Box (80 IM)
Glacial Guardian Weapon Box (80 IM)
Yule Weapon Box (80 IM)
Little Helper Balloon Box (80 IM)
[Hero] X-Mas Accessory Box

Rudolph Costume
Tree Man Costume
Snowman Costume
Choco Bear Costume
Dashing Through the Snow Set
Rudolph Rabbit Costume
Santa of the South Pole Costume
Ice Penguin Costume
Gray Set of Unity

Christmas Fairy Costume [Special]
Snow Emperor Outfit [Special]
Gray Dotted Blazer [Special]

Yule Costume [Artifact]
Elf on the Shelf Costume [Artifact]
Archangel Set [Artifact]
[Best] Black Set of Unity [Artifact]