Patch Notes v.0.2.70

Patch Notes v.0.2.70

Bug Fix
- Galaxia Dungeons wrong opening bug fixed
- Monsters attacking while in NPC dialogue fixed
- Map portals bugs fixed
- Party move bug inside Galaxia Dungeon lobby fixed
- Monster spawn in Pegasus dungeon fixed
- Galaxia NPC text issues
- Completion of Pegasus F7 bug fixed

- 2X EXP event: Extended to 7/16!
- The Enchantment Event +16 - +20 Items will be changed within the coming days. They should be changed by the end of the week.
- The Skill Point + 1 (5) Item Mall item will be taken out by the end of today (7/10/13) so if you want to put up some extra points, do it today!
- Starting on Friday (July 12th, 2013), Players who venture into Elga (Black Claw Nest) and complete the dungeon will receive x1 Bloody Crystal Gacha! If you feel adventurous enough, the you complete Elga again and win up to 5 Bloody Crystal Gachas! This will only last until the end of Sunday PDT (July 14th,2013) so once Friday lands, act first!

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