Patch Notes 3/31/2021

Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.2, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2021-03-31, 13:00 Server Time

Easter Cherry Blossom Event
The Event continues until April 14, 13:00 Server Time.

Easter Cherry Blossom EXP Event
Wednesday, March 29 ~ Thursday, April 1: 1.5x
Friday, April 2: 2.2x (Good Friday)
Saturday, April 3: 2.3x
Sunday, April 4: 2.5x (Easter Sunday)
Monday, April 5: 2.5x (Easter Monday)

DragonSaga Evolved: Side Quest Update

We have added some small new questlines:

Brr Mee
Level Requirement: 20
Prerequisite: None
Location: Vyvern Lounge, The Cat
Length: 2 Quests
Rewards: EXP and Gold

Love Hurts
Level Requirement: 68
Prerequisite: Love and Limitations (5) completed
Location: Village of Ash Mist, Ringo
Length: 3 Quests
Rewards: EXP and Gold

Mr. Teddy is hungry... again
Level Requirement: 71
Prerequisite: Mr. Teddy is hungry (5) completed
Location: Dragon Valley, Naoi
Length: 4 Quests
Rewards: EXP and Gold

Show me what you can do
Level Requirement: 72
Prerequisite: none
Location: Dragon Valley, Shangdor
Length: 4 Quests
Rewards: EXP, Gold and the Bracelet of Bravery

Plant Seeds
Level Requirement: 73
Prerequisite: none
Location: Dragon Valley, Orha
Length: 4 Quests
Rewards: EXP and Gold

The age old Question
Level Requirement: 83
Prerequisite: none
Location: Arcadia City, Pororing (Little Helper)
Length: 8 Quests
Rewards: EXP and Gold, it answers questions you don't even knew you had

We suggest to read the texts. Some of them can be enjoyable. Have fun.

Happy Easter!
Happy Cherry Blossom!
Stay safe and healthy everyone!