Patch Notes 9/26/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.85, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-09-26, 13:00 Server Time


Talk like a Pirate! Day Event
Why are pirates pirates? cuz they arrrrrr"

The event continues until October, 3rd 13:00 Server Time.

Costume Inventory Part 1

We are proud to fulfill a wish the community had for years. A Costume Inventory has been added to the game.


You can put the following Costume Items (IM) into it:

Head Items
Top Items
Bottom Items
Shoulder Items
Back Items
Face Items


You can open this independent inventory by either right clicking on the inventory icon on the user interface or by pressing the hotkey 'T' (can be re-assigned in the keyboard options).


If you move items from vaults by right clicking and the costume inventory is open the costume inventory is the preferred inventory items will be put into. Same if no inventory window is open.


It does come with 36 free inventory slots which can be extended up to 144 slots by using the new Costume Inventory Expansion. Inventory Expansions can be found in the Item Mall. Each item expands the Costume Inventory by 36 slots and costs 500 IM Points.


This is only Part 1 of the Costume Inventory update. A lot more features are planned for it. This is why the tabs at the top of the inventory window are still greyed out. They will be used in the next update to the Costume Inventory.


Crazy Pet Update Part 2

We have updated the Mount and Support Pet Stats to reflect the current style of gameplay. Some useless stats have been replaced by more valuable ones.
The new stats are as follows:
The numbers in brackets are the max. stats.

  • HLT, INT, STR, AGI (+72)
  • Movement Speed/Attack Speed (+28%), MP Recovery Speed (+22%),  Max HP (+11%), Critical Damage (+28%)
  • Max HP (+11%), STR (+40), Critical Rate (+28%), INT (+40), Final Critical Success Rate (+3%)

It is intended that some thats are available twice. But please know that you can't get the same stat more than once! This has been done to enable more possible stat combinations. For example this stat combination is now possible: HLT+72, INT +40, AS +28%.


Please know that you have to pet option randomize the stats if you own one of the mounts and support pets listed below to activate the new stat system (in alphabetical order):


Alium, Blue Bob Car, Blue Tail Lizard, Blue Thunder, Bruno, Cactus, Cerberon, Cherry, Cool Sportster, Dark Pegasus, Elmar, Evil Mini Soul, Falcon, Flix, Fluffy, Golden Dragon, Golden Flix, Golden Lizard, Golden Pegasus, Golden Squirrel, Golden Tiger, Good Mini Soul, Griffon, Hampton, Hover Pro, Ivan, Knorxos, Leonheart, Liger, Merlion, Midnight Calm, Midnight Scream, Mini Husky, Mini Phelix, Mini Red, Mrs. Husky, Mrs. Phelix, Mrs. Tiger, Naughty Pink, Oak, Pegasus, Pine, Pink Flix, Red Pegasus, Regulus, Rising Sun, Sid, Sugar Glider, Tabby Flix, Tarantula, Teal Cruiser, Tiger, Violet Mini, Wild Green, Woody (Support Pet), Yellow Cat


Freshly hatched mounts/support pets do come with this system already activated.


Item Mall Mini Sale

At the Limited Offer Tab in the Item Mall we are offering the follow this week:

Costume Inventory Expansion – (450 IM instead of 500) – limit: 45 pcs. / 3 per Account
W-Coin – 10 pcs. (700 IM instead of 800) – limit: 100 pcs. / 5 per Account
Card Insurance Scroll – 5 pcs. (130 IM instead of 160) – limit: 100 pcs. / 5 per Account


Grab them while you can! The Limited Offer is only available until October, 3rd 13:00 Server Time!


General Fixes and Changes

- a bug has been fixed which prevented players from entering the Hall of Masters during the Port of the Winds Night mood
- a bug has been fixed which caused the dailies of Hunter G. and Guild to generate less than 10 quests in specific level ranges under some circumstances