Patch Notes 5/8/2019




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.7.46, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2019-05-08, 12:00 Server Time




Easter Cherry Blossom Event
The event has ended. Eggs can still be traded at NPC Alba for another week.



Final Arcadia Mini Quest Line: The Tree of Life (Lv.84/85)
This mini quest line is a final addition to the Arcadia content. With this quest line the Arcadia content ends. Stay tuned for the next chapter of the adventures in the Dragon Saga World!

This mini quest line gives 1% EXP at Lv. 84 and 10% EXP at Lv. 85.



Additional Lv. 85 Daily Quests
20 new daily quests have been added for characters Lv. 85. Ten Guild Dailies and 10 Hunter G. Dailies have added. As always NPC Andre can have them as Monster Card Quests as well.


Moods for Field Maps
The dawn, day, dusk and night moods have been added to the first bunch of field maps. Enjoy a day/night cycle on the following field maps:
- Windia Plains
- Advanced Windia Plains
- Traitor's Ridge
- Wailing Hill
- Canyon of Oblivion
- Howling Hill

Heirloom Item Event
Monsters are dropping Gold Coins. You can trade 20 Gold Coins and 25 Gada Coins at the Vending Machine for boxes containing different Heirloom Items:


Nostalgia Box
(can be obtained for 10 Smiley Posters and 15 Gada Coins)
Heirloom Vegas Stuffed Hat
Heirloom Kunkah's Wooden Shield
Heirloom Captain Hookah's Hat
Heirloom Alvida's Picnic Hat
Heirloom Rokko's Horned Helmet
Heirloom Elluman's Crown
Heirloom Karkharous Gloves
Heirloom Burlune's Mask
Heirloom Vella's Wings
Heirloom Bubobubo's Fancy Shoulderguard
Heirloom Paul Burnaun's Ring


Nostalgia Weapon Gasha Box
(can be obtained for 15 Smiley Posters and 15 Gada Coins)
Heirloom Hookah's Double Rifle
Heirloom Alvida's Specialist Rifle
Heirloom Lightning Sabre
Heirloom Ahtoo's Claw
Heirloom Karkharous Two Handed Sword
Heirloom Arka's Harmony Staff
Heirloom Vella's Trident
Heirloom Lightning Oak One-hand Sword
Heirloom Lightning Oak Two-hand Sword
Heirloom Lightning Oak Staff
Heirloom Lightning Oak Spear
Heirloom Lightning Oak Bow
Heirloom Lightning Oak Crossbow
Heirloom Lightning Oak Claw
Heirloom Lightning Oak Katar


The Event runs until May, 22nd.





Item Mall


Sugar Glider Mount
Flying Squirrel Mount
Easter Blossom Weapon Box

Blue Tail Lizard Mount
Colorful Poodle Mount





Azur Gala Outfit
Devil Advocate Set
Skater Set (female)
Skater Set (male)
Sexy Popstar Outfit (female)



High Elf Costume  [Advanced Tab]
Piyo Rain Coat [Advanced Tab]

Fire Guardian Set [Special Tab]
Captain Popstar Outfit (male) [Special Tab]
Captain Popstar Outfit (female) [Special Tab]

Fallen Angel Set [Deluxe Tab]
Singing Lion Costume [Deluxe Tab]
Ghost Busters Costume [Deluxe Tab]