Patch Notes 9/5/2018




Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.6.86, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2018-09-05, 12:00 Server Time




Galaxia Support Box Drop Event 
This event is ending.


Sweets Ingredients Box Drop Event
This event is ending.


Significant Changes to the Game


F7 Modes
- to enter the F7 mode every party member has to have the quest Official Appointment and the Scenario (F5) quest of the particular Mission Map completed to be able to participate in the F7 mode

- all monster's base EXP in F7 mode is halved

- if 3 or more party members are participating in F7 together the big Bonus Bombers' HP is doubled

- players are not longer able to obtain event world drops (including Silver Coins) on any F7 ground

- the attack increasing skill which can be obtained from the NPC inside F7 has been changed to only have 3 levels instead of 4



Hero Quests!
All Hero Quests (the ones with red exclamation mark) are now chained together in some way. This means, to be able to complete the Scenario Mode (F5) of any Mission Map it is needed to meet new quest requirements first.


Here is an overview which Quest needs which requirement:


The level requirement for the Quest To Ash Mist has been changed from Lv. 60 to 53.



To participate in a Dungeon all party members need to meet specific requirements first to enter the Dungeon. Here is an overview which Quests need to be completed to enter the particular Dungeon:


It is recommended to complete all Hero Quests to get full game experience and to make sure that no requirement is left undone.


Galaxia Dungeon
Several changes have been made to the Galaxia Dungeon.

- on Saturday and Sunday all dungeons are accessible

- the quest to get the Star Stones appear on their particular weekday as well as on Saturday and Sunday

- the quest to get the entry items appear on their particular weekday as well as on Saturday and Sunday

- the dependency on the Black Dragon Lord's gear to forge the Protector of Stars gear (including weapon) has been removed

- after finishing the Galaxia questline (Quest: In search if Pios) and completing the Quest Top of Drakos the Quest Protector of Stars automatically appears. After completion of Protector of Stars all materials to forge Protector of Stars gear and weapon can be obtained from Crete




General Changes
- the initial quest of the Akanai quest chain has been renamed from Kill Akanai! to Prepare yourself to kill Akanai! to prevent confusion

- the Lavalon Seal Remover Key (which is obtained from Rokko inside the Magma Dungeon) has been made tradeable in case that another party member accidentally gets the key instead of the party leader


Soul Gems
A new Soul Smith arrived in town. Welcome Dark Soul Smith Baron to Port of the Winds.
When talking to him a new menu Craft Soul Gem is available.



How are Soul Gems used?
There are 5 different Soul Gems available. Each of them is representing one of the five heroes: Skypie, Mirinae, Parmir, Belkan and the 5th hero.

The following weapons are able to hold these Soul Gems:


Dark Soul Weapon
[Best] Dark Soul Weapon
Fire Weapon
Ice Weapon
Nature Weapon
Dark Weapon
Magma Lord Weapon
Magichenge Weapon
Undead Bone Weapon
Element Bone Weapon
Zauharant Weapon
Black Dragon Lord Weapon
Black Dragon Lord Element Weapon
[Rare] Protector of Stars Weapon
[Hero] Protector of Start Weapon
[Advanced] 5th Hero Weapon
[Hero] 5th Hero Weapon





Each Soul Gem can be inserted once into one of these weapons. A weapon can hold all 5 different Soul Gems.


Important! Soul Gems can only inserted into a weapon that is either soulbound (for example Zauharant Weapons) or account bound (for example Magma Lord Weapon).

Inserted Soul Gems can't be removed (however, we will introduce an IM Soul Gem Extractor soon).


What is the purpose of Soul Gems?
Inserting Soul Gems reduces the difference between the minimum and maximum Attack Value of the particular weapon by a specific percentage which is class dependent.


Here is an overview of the percentage for every class:


How do I obtain Soul Gems?
You can craft Soul Gems at NPC Baron. The base material needed to craft a Soul Gems is Devil's Soul Stones. You can obtain those by killing monsters in any available hidden map.


Soul Gem crafting
The first Soul Gem (Skypie's Soul Gem) needs 150 Devil's Soul Stones to be forged. The success chance for the first Soul Gem is always 100% and does not cost any gold.



The second Soul Gem (Mirinae's Soul Gem) needs 200 Devil's Soul Stones and one Skypie's Soul Gem to be forged. The success chance is 25% and costs 3 gold per attempt. If an attempt fails the 200 Devil's Soul Stones are gone but the Soul Gem isn't destroyed.


An overview of needed materials and gold and the success chances can be found below.


By adding an Enchant Insurance Scroll the success chance is increased by 15% and 50% of the needed Devil's Soul Stones are protected if the attempt fails.


By adding an additional Reinforced Insurance Scroll the success chance is increased by another 10% and 75% of the needed Devil's Soul Stones are protected if the attempt fails.




New Hidden Map for Level 80-85
We are proud to introduce the new Hidden Map Concordia PassHidden Scrolls for this map are dropped by Harkon (Snowy Mountain), Elluman (Forest Glade) and Ailon(Perimeter-B).