Patch Notes 02/08/2017



Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.5.44, Game Version:


Server Maintenance
2017-02-08, 15:00 Server Time
Note: Patch notes are subject to change.





Valentine's Day Event 2017
The Cookie Factory is back. And like every year the bad guys try to destroy the love. A complete guide to this year's event can be found here: Valentines Day Event Guide





Chat Feature Fix
As promised the blinking tab feature has been fixed and is now working correctly.


Rare Elga Sets and Materials
The sell restrictions on the Rare Elga Sets for all classes and the two materials Key of Light and Sealed Crystal of Darkness have been removed. This has been done on community wish.

New Valentine's Day IM Weapons
The love is strong in you, young adventurer! Kill your enemies with the power of love and 10% faster!

Get Heartbreaker Weapon Gasha Boxes from the Item Mall. The box contains one Heartbreaker Weapon for a random class. But be careful: Fight with that weapon and love is in the air!

One Heartbreaker Weapon Box costs 100 IM Points.
The Heartbreaker Weapons all have the same stats: Movement Speed +10%, Attack Speed +10%, Health +10

Item Mall
Blue Tail Lizard Mount Egg added to the Item Mall.