Server Maintenance at 3:00PM PST! 8/6/2014~ Mystery Event?

What kind of Event should we do... Dragon Saga Players~

At 3:00PM PST(8/6), we will be doing a Server Maintenance for Dragon Saga. Events suggested by YOU, Rotation of Item Mall Items, continuing the World Invitational Tourney, and More?

Once again, at 3:00PM PST! Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Item Mall

    Balloon Gasha Box has been added to the Item Mall for a Limited amount of time! Have a chance to acquire...
    • Trip Ticket Balloon
    • Laptop Balloon
    • MP3 Balloon
    • Wall Scroll Balloon
    • T-Shirt Balloon
    • Enchant Insurance Scroll
    • Soulcraft Randomizer

    MixBoard/BigWheel additions were...
    • Japanese Formal Set and Japanese Kimono Set has been added to the MixBoard for a Limited Time!
    • Squid Balloon, Halloween Bat Balloon, and the Flower Balloon have been added to the BIgWheel!


    • Black Dragon Lord Medals can be purchased within Black Dragon Camp by the Potion Merchant !
    • Silver Gacha Coins will be dropping from ALL monsters once again! Trade 5 of those in for a Soul Box at Gacha Vending Machine!
    • Head to PoW to trade just 25x Essence of Black Claw Nest for 1x Black Dragon Nail! This can be done at the Vending Gacha.
    • Yogurt and Piece of Cake are dropping from ALL Monsters all week long!

    Want updates on all the new content coming out this Summer? Check out our Official Dragon Saga Facebook for all the details!