Server Maintenance at 3:00PM PST! 3/12/2014! St. Patrick's Event!

Cheer-e, Dragon Saga Peeps!

At 3:00PM PST tomorrow (3/12), we will be doing a Server Maintenance for Dragon Saga. Soul Event + a St. Patrick's Event and More?

Once again, at 3:00PM PST tomorrow! Thanks so much for your cooperation and patience.

Item Mall

  • Car Pet Gacha Box 1 will be added for a Limited Time!
  • Car Pet Gacha Box 2 will be added for a Limited Time!

Sale will end on the next maintenance!
  • Cupid Bow(200) - Sale Price (100)
  • Ribbon-ed Fork (200) - Sale Price (100)
  • Love Bag (200) - Sale Price (100)
  • Heart Glasses (150) - Sale Price (100)
  • Soulcraft Randomizer(10) - Sale Price (15) for (300)
  • Perfect Hunch(100) now (150) - Sale Price (15) for (500)

  • MixBoard

    • The Apollo Set(Artifact) for the first time Ever!
    • The Zeus Set(Artifact) will be taken out.


    • All of monsters of Dragon Saga have eaten the entire stock of Silver Gacha Coins! Killing them will get you a chance to grab them. Once you have 30 Silver Gacha Coins, you will be able to trade it for a Soul Box in the Port of the Winds. This Event will start on 3/12 and end 3/26/2014!
    • The Chocolate Factory is Back! So many tasty Sweets~ It starts today and will end March 19th, 2014! Both F6 and F7 Tickets will have a chance of dropping off any Monster!
    • A Mysterious Portal has appeared in Port of the Winds! Speak to Colin for more details! (Might not be working 100%. Doesn't work with channel 4)
    • It's a St. Patrick's Day Event all weekend long! Monsters have a chance of dropping a Rusty Coin... give 30 of them to the Vending Machine(In Port of the Winds) to grab a St. Patrick's Balloon! 50 Rusty Coins will get you a St. Patrick's Day Hat!

    • Want updates on all the new content coming out this Spring? Check out our Official Dragon Saga Facebook for all the details!