[Shop] Super Friday Promo – Pet Option Randomizer & Tier Sale!

***Super Friday pet Option Randomizer Sale will be extended until 8/28 @ 4am PDT. Please note the tier sale has ended and everyone who participated on the tier sale should check their mail inbox for the tier rewards.

Give your pets some love today! The Pet Option Randomizer is on sale only this weekend in August from 8/23 at 12:15 pm PDT to 8/26 at 12:00 pm PDT. For anyone who purchases the Pet Option Randomizers on Friday from 12:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT, we will manually mail the additional randomizers by today at 3:00 pm PDT.

For a limited time, you will get double the quantity on the promo package below for the same price!


No Promo Qty

Promo Qty

Price (IM Point)

Pet Option Randomizer




In addition, we’re adding a special Item Mall tier so you can unlock each special reward by spending the exact IM Points during this weekend from Friday at 12am – Monday at 12pm PDT!

IM Point Spend Amount

Tier Rewards


Perfect Hunch (x50)


Receive the previous tier + Regular Soul Craft Stone (x20)


Receive the previous tiers + Card Insurance Scroll (x20)


Receive the previous tiers + Enchantment Insurance Scroll (x40) & Reinforced Enchantment Scroll (x40)

If you spend 1,000 IM Points to purchase anything in the Item Mall, you will receive Perfect Hunch (x50). And if you spend 3,000 IM Points in the Item Mall, you will receive Perfect Hunch (x50) and Regular Soul Craft Stone (x20). Now you know the drill with the rest IM Points Spend tier.

Finally, a Dragon Saga admin will send the tier rewards to all qualified accounts in their highest level character within 48 hours after the event ends. So check your Mail Inbox if you participated in this tier sale!

Happy Super Friday weekend saving!

*IM Points stack. Spending more than 10,000 IM Points will reset the tier to earn more items! You must spend IM Points to purchase Dragon Saga Item Mall items to be eligible for IM Point Tier rewards.
**After the quick server restart on 8/26 from 12:00 pm – 12:15 pm PDT, the 20 promo quantity package will be set back to 10 no promo quantity package when you log back into the game.