Patch Notes 10/14/2021


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Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.9.45, Client Version:
Server Maintenance
2021-10-14, 13:00 Server Time

Happy 11th Anniversary Dragon Saga!

This Event continues until October 27, 13:00 Server Time.

11th Anniversary EXP
October 14: 1.5x
October 15: 2.5x
October 16: 2.5x
October 17: 2.5x
October 18: 1.5x
October 19: 1.5x
October 20: 1.5x 

11th Anniversary Soulcraft & Enchant Events
October 13, 13:00 Server Time - October 20, 13:00 Server Time:
Enchant Success Chance doubled, Soulcraft Success Chance normal 

October 20, 13:00 Server Time - October 27, 13:00 Server Time:
To be determined 

Halloween Event 2021
At the center of Port of the Winds Randy awaits you to give you some Halloween Quests.It's not needed to mention that the Events Costumes Little Ghost, Grim Reaper, Haunted Puppet and Undead Gamer are available. And also the [Event] Dragon Ranger Costumes are returning! 

Besides all the costumes you can get all kind of useful and useless stuff like Halloween Accessories, Balloons and more. The Event will stay for 3 weeks (until November, 3th 13:00 Server Time) Also the Halloween Races are available too during the Event period From the Halloween Maps you can obtains as mission rewards: 

• Small Soul Box
• Armor Dust Box
• Weapon Dust Box
• Tiny HP Eternity Potion
• Tiny MP Eternity Potion
• Double Up EXP Potion (2.0x EXP for 10 mins)
• Halloween Coin Green (Arcade Mode)
• Halloween Coin Red (Chaos Mode)
• Halloween Weapon Box
• Pumpkin Weapon Box
• Money Bag
• Halloween Hair and Faces Boxes
• Beauty Gasha Box (New Hair Colors & Faces) 

To enter the Chaos Mode (F2) you need a [New] Torn Invitation.
They are dropped from every "Spirit" monster in the Event Maps

Halloween Coins
All coins are tradable at NPC Randy.
• Green Coins (F1): 3 Coins for 1 Halloween Gasha Box [Arcade] (Humans or Dragokins)
• Red Coins (F2): 3 Coins for 1 Halloween Gasha Box [Chaos] (Humans or Dragokins)
• Blue Coins (F5): 2 Coins for 1 Little Ghost Costume Box
• And a lot more you can trade for these coins

Contents of the Halloween Gasha Box [Arcade]:

[Event] Cat Mask (White)
[Event] Cat Mask (Brown))
[Event] Devil's Horn)
[Event] Orange Wizard Hat)
[Event] Mustache Nose)
[Event] Ghost Sweeper)
[Event] Pumpkin Backpack)
[Event] Jack's Magical Broom)
[Event] Chinese Ghost)
[Event] White Werewolf Ears)
[Event] White Werewolf Paws)
[Event] Gray Werewolf Ears)
[Event] Brown Werewolf Paws)
[Event] Brown Werewolf Feet)
Dark Bat Balloon)
Purple Bat Balloon)
Contents of the Halloween Gasha Box [Chaos]:)
[Event] Cat Mask (Gray))
[Event] Black Wizard Hat)
[Event] Spider Wing)
[Event] Coffin of Rest)
[Event] Jack O'Lantern Balloon)
[Event] Lady Ghost)
[Event] Skull of Devildom)
[Event] Little Gentlement Ghost)
[Event] Little Lady Ghost)
[Event] White Werewolf Feet)
[Event] Gray Werewolf Paws)
[Event] Gray Werewolf Feet)
[Event] Brown Werewolf Ears)
Red Bat Balloon)
Purple Bat Balloon)
Halloween Pumpkin Hat (Human only)

Bat Wing Box:)
Red Bat Wings)
Green Bat Wings)
Teal Bat Wings)
Pink Bat Wings)
Blue Bat Wings)
Colorful Paris Wings (rare))

Contents of the Big IM Consumables Box:
This box contains many different IM Consumables ranging from low to high value.

But that is not all! At NPC Randy you can trade in your farmed Halloween Coins for some other
stuff: the Mask Box containing a variety of masks, the wig box with some hilarious wigs, the halloween
boxes with a lot of random stuff and the Flick and the Fillon Mount Eggs.
There should be anything for everyone!

Item Mall Sale
 Insurance Scroll (10) 45 IM  (max. 60 pkgs. per acct.) 
 Advanced Insurance Scroll (10)  60 IM  (max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
 Reinf. Insurance Scroll (10)  55 IM  (max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
 Adv. Reinf. Insurance Scroll (10)  70 IM  (max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
 Soul Craft Randomzier (10)  170 IM  (max. 40 pkgs. per acct.)
 Adv. Soul Craft Randomizer (10)  220 IM  (max. 60 pkgs. per acct.)
 Soul Craft Extractor (10)  220 IM  (max. 20 pkgs. per acct.)
 Card Insurance Scroll (5)  110 IM  (max. 40 pkgs. per acct.)
Premium Shop License (10)   170 IM  (max. 10 pkgs. per acct.)
Socket Card Extractor (10)   480 IM  (max. 10 pkgs. per acct.)
 Ring Coin (10)  210 IM  (max. 30 pkgs. per acct.)
 Jack's Bean Package  200 IM  (max. 10 pkgs. per acct.)
Pet Option Randomizer   220 IM  (max. 30 pkgs. per acct.)
 Adv. Pet Option Randomizer  300 IM  (max. 40 pkgs. per acct.)
 W-Coin  600 IM  (max. 40 pkgs. per acct.)
The items above are on sale until November, 1st 23:59 Server Time

Item Mall Halloween Additions:
Dragon Wing Mount (240 IM)
Bat Broomstick Mount (240 IM)
Jacko Broom Mount (240 IM)
Wooden Cane Mount (240 IM)
Happy Reaper Support Pet (240 IM)
Mummy Andre Support Pet (240 IM)
Twitchy Skeleton Support Pet (240 IM)
Ivan Mount (240 IM)
Spiked Wings Box (80 IM)
Hell Wings Box (80 IM)
Demonic Wings Box (80 IM)

DragonSaga Evolved: Quality of Life Updates

Puff Towers update
The Puff Tower Network has been extended: Every Field Map now has a their own Puff Tower which you can access once you visited the particular map. To prevent a too long list of targets on the particular continents, the Puff Tower window has been re-organized. Target locations are now sorted by areas (see the table at the end of the document). Additionally when the Puff Tower window is opened the list is set to the current area you are at.

Party Member Menu Addition
The options to send a mail or large mail have been added to the party member indicator right-click menu. This does only work on non-instanced maps.

Spree Forest Biodome: Mood
The Spree Forest Biodome now supports the 4 moods Day, Night, Dusk and Dawn depending on your mood setting.