Server Maintenance - July 17th, 2013

BigWheel & MixBoard Update

For the BigWheel..
- Leaf Raincoat
- Set Cloud Raincoat Set
- White Bikini Set
- Wedding Dress Set
- Tuxedo Set

For the MixBoard..
- Piyo Raincoat Set
- Luxury Raincoat Set
- Pink Bikini Set
- Child Maid Set
- Japanese Suit Set
- Sweetie Attendant Pink Set
- Cutie Attendant Black Set
- Legendary Magician Set
- Angel Set


- The Level Up Event is Still going on in which once you create a new character, you will receive high-end gear for your new character! Also, every 30 minutes spent in-game will get you a Gacha box which will give you an big EXP boost!
- The +16 to +20 Equipment Event will be distributed by the end of this week along with the Bloody Gacha Boxes!

Want even more updates on Galaxia, the new dungeon coming out this summer? Check out our Official Dragon Saga Facebook for all the details! You can also check it out for constant updates on our servers as well.