End of Summer Block Party 2016!


As the Summer heat gives way to the cool nights of Fall, Warpportal is celebrating the change of season with a Block Party! A block party is the chance to meet your neighbors and enjoy some good times outdoors before the weather gets to chilly so join us in the streets of Junon, Prontera, Rondel and Port of Winds while we celebrate! We have fun ingame and forum events, game updates as well as sales and point events so read on to see what’s new!

Game Point Return Event

From August 24 – September 5, 2016at Noon PST, both Steam and WP players will receive a +5% point conversion bonus! After the event period is over, on September 8th we will count up all the points spent by each game account and give 15% of the spent points back! So if you have had your eye on something special in the Item Shop, this is the time to make the purchase!